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  1. Greetings my lovely Templars!! Long time no talk, I haven't really posted much of anything since these new forums launched! HOWEVER! WITH THAT BEING SAID! I have decided I would return when 6.0 would hit and since it has hit the EU this week I have recently begun to playtest a lot of the changes and get a hands on experience with relatively decent latency and the ability to understand the text in front of me. What I've done is move the old post found here: http://forums.na.aiononline.com/na/showthread.php?t=152097 and moved it into a nifty little google document. I was going to wait
  2. Ahh, There is also a HUGE difference in player models in comparison. Either that or what I saw on KR was upscaled. Because it looked significantly better n' it does now.
  3. I mean, don't feel TOO left out. Aion DOES get a massive graphical overhaul in 6.0 (update from CE 3 to whichever engine the ydecided on) Aion has received the same treatment and our next major patch SHOULD give us that love <3
  4. For anyone checking this, the game is currently back up, however it does not appear any events have been activated yet.
  5. To simplify, even in 6.0 the answer is still both. A good templar knows the healthy balance between S&S and GS however in 6.0 S&S is significantly more relevant. So we'll be seeing more of a 50/50 spread as opposed to 70GS / 30 S&S
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