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  1. I have another newbie question, y'all! What should one do to level from 50-66? I've seen a lot of guides that seem very old. I know what to do up until 50, but that's as far as I've ever been. As basic as it sounds, there are some costumes I want to get before they go out of rotation. So, I've got 2 weeks to level to 66 in order to purchase them. Can I go 50-66 just from gold/dark blue quests? Is it even possible to hit 66 in 2 weeks? Thanks again! ♥
  2. Campaign Help - Temporal Stone

    Oh, okay. Thank you! I got your mail. I added you as friends on the standard server, too. I really appreciate it. What a great community!
  3. Campaign Help - Temporal Stone

    Wow, that's so kind of you! Thank you so much! I'm playing on Yimy (KT). I'll look into crafting, too. I don't know anything about it yet, haha. Can you get Abyss Points from fighting balaur or do they have to come from PvP with the opposing faction?
  4. Hi, everyone! I'm working on leveling my first character, and I'm (honestly) really into the story line so far. I got to a certain quest where I need a "temporal stone" to activate something in the abyss to proceed. I can't buy one on the broker (I don't have enough kinah). Is there a way I can make them? I'm not sure what to do and just wanna finish the story. Thanks a million for any help! (Also looking for an active guild that doesn't mind first-timers. I'm currently maining Elyos on Katalam.)