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  1. Same as others, used it for a loooong time. if you are ever looking for any improvement suggestions, the only thing I find missing it zooming in on the map, or at least have the map take up a bit more of the page. In the meantime, nothing zooming in the whole browser page doesn't fix somewhat.
  2. m8 I get it, some people can't give $15 p/m, and that's fair enough, and I sympathise. But you seriously need to grow up and see the logical, adult side of the real world. Do you think you can go to the car dealers and say: "I can't afford this car, so it should be free for me" ? Well? Same here, you can't just expect a game to be f2p simply because you can't/won't pay for it. I'm not being elitist here, I'm just an average wage joe like the majority of people, I'm just being realistic.
  3. Yeah well part of classic is also the p2p, because that's how it was pre 3.0.
  4. Max patch I'm sticking around for is 4.6. If it ever hits 4.7, I'm out.
  5. Besides agreeing with others on p2p being the way to go, I don't get why cry about it here when current live Aion is f2p without restrictions? Why not just play that? I just don't get the "I can play retail f2p Aion, but instead I'm going to demand this other Aion game be f2p as well" ...
  6. The sub model is the best for Aion imo. And Aion was at its best before it went f2p. If you have to pay to play = less bots, less hackers, and less "you know what kind" of players. And yes, BCM restricted only cosmetics. The only p2w that should be allowed to exist is XP/essence/aether amulets.
  7. Whenever we do get dredge (don't remember now if it was 1.2 or 1.5), can we please have the entry times open for the whole day, and just restrict to whatever number of entries per day/week? That way people can queue whenever they have time for it instead of miss out if they don't make special arrangements in their life... It's going to be very unbalanced if the choice for people in "unfavorable" timezones is to either dredge at 3am or miss out altogether on the AP and medals. Yes, I know the concern for some would be possible long queues because not everyone is queueing in the same ti
  8. Is there any reason for AUS/NZ players to choose the Oceanic region if there is no Oceanic server? Just go with NA because the pop will be biggest there?
  9. Thanks! Is it safe to apply the items pack now? Will they be available when we make our 1st character on the 23rd or do we need to apply the pack once we're in the game?
  10. Sounds good. DM me the discord when ready.
  11. How do we apply the founder's packs we pre-ordered?
  12. Hi m8, If your group's every 2nd word in a sentence is NOT c**t, and you're a PvP legion, then I'm interested.
  13. m8, that is the biggest bs I have ever heard about this game in it's current update. You must be as disconnected as the people the OP mentioned. At any point in time I am online there is at most 2 groups in LFG or none. And when there are those 1 or 2 groups, you bet your ass they care about and look for certain gear already + candy. "not caring who you are as long as you can run the instance" lol in an alternate dimension sure. Unless you been paid to falsely advertise the game, stop feeding the poor false hope.
  14. The new gear buffs your HP so much, to match the damage new mobs do, but the healing skills have not been scaled accordingly. Unless I missed something, how is one meant to heal someone with minimum 40k HP with skills that heal 1-4k HP, when mobs hit for a few k each basic attack? The 1-4kHP heals made sense when people had around 20k tops give or take, but now? Also why so many mana regen and dot heals skills got removed?
  15. So many people keep referring to some big news that is meant to be coming soon.... \_o_O_/ Unless it's giving me back my 1000+ code red scrolls on most of my characters, crafts i put a lot of time into, kinah etc., and doing away with the retarded transformation candy, I personally really can't see what good news could there possibly be to make up for the current state of the game which is the biggest cash shop move in gaming history. You beef up the new gear and mobs so much, to make the pre 6.x gear completely useless and you remove scrolls so people have to buy the transparent can
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