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  1. They removed the drop-shadow people were complaining about here: What we have now is the result.
  2. Hi guys, Can you please check https://youtu.be/vhPtUx-SJhA and confirm if you reckon it's sus enough to submit to support? I don't wanna waste their & my time if nothing sus going on there. Thanks.
  3. What's also interesting is that it's making the failed craft sound... So even more confusing.
  4. Saw this in the alchemy room the other day: https://youtu.be/ioG8KDo2HtA I don't know what kind of crafting he's doing, but I'd sure like to know... Is it the alchemy version of the "beats per minute" game?
  5. According to the Github version: Just... why?? Why would you make it harder to update the filter ourselves? Thank god for the diligent and generous people that are regularly updating the filter on Github.
  6. I did read it, but I dismissed it because you don't know what you are talking about. Second, I asked for an official statement, and I don't see the "Admin Team" tag on your account. Not my intention to be rude, but please just don't waste people's time with these posts, especially when the topic wasn't along the lines of "what do random players thing about xyz".
  7. With all these reports of players getting flagged for Exitlag and other latency reducing software, there is no way the forum team haven't seen it. Yet I still don't see any official word about. It seems like a topic important enough to get a pin with an official statement. Yes, I know some ancient posts can be dug up, but we need a current official statement if they are allowed or not. I for one would be shocked if they are not, as there have always been a ton of people outside NA that played on NA servers that used it, which is why they exist in the first place. For example pl
  8. Sweet! And yes, I agree. "Server Time" means nothing. lol Indicate a time zone pls.
  9. When are going to start having events? Specifically the Code Red event.
  10. It's going to be rough without the special cube... It's not just the quest items, it's so much more crap: coins, medals, insignias, arena tickets (when we get arena) and the list goes on...
  11. Same as others, used it for a loooong time. if you are ever looking for any improvement suggestions, the only thing I find missing it zooming in on the map, or at least have the map take up a bit more of the page. In the meantime, nothing zooming in the whole browser page doesn't fix somewhat.
  12. m8 I get it, some people can't give $15 p/m, and that's fair enough, and I sympathise. But you seriously need to grow up and see the logical, adult side of the real world. Do you think you can go to the car dealers and say: "I can't afford this car, so it should be free for me" ? Well? Same here, you can't just expect a game to be f2p simply because you can't/won't pay for it. I'm not being elitist here, I'm just an average wage joe like the majority of people, I'm just being realistic.
  13. Yeah well part of classic is also the p2p, because that's how it was pre 3.0.
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