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  1. Is this a social game?

    m8, that is the biggest bs I have ever heard about this game in it's current update. You must be as disconnected as the people the OP mentioned. At any point in time I am online there is at most 2 groups in LFG or none. And when there are those 1 or 2 groups, you bet your ass they care about and look for certain gear already + candy. "not caring who you are as long as you can run the instance" lol in an alternate dimension sure. Unless you been paid to falsely advertise the game, stop feeding the poor false hope.
  2. The new gear buffs your HP so much, to match the damage new mobs do, but the healing skills have not been scaled accordingly. Unless I missed something, how is one meant to heal someone with minimum 40k HP with skills that heal 1-4k HP, when mobs hit for a few k each basic attack? The 1-4kHP heals made sense when people had around 20k tops give or take, but now? Also why so many mana regen and dot heals skills got removed?
  3. So many people keep referring to some big news that is meant to be coming soon.... \_o_O_/ Unless it's giving me back my 1000+ code red scrolls on most of my characters, crafts i put a lot of time into, kinah etc., and doing away with the retarded transformation candy, I personally really can't see what good news could there possibly be to make up for the current state of the game which is the biggest cash shop move in gaming history. You beef up the new gear and mobs so much, to make the pre 6.x gear completely useless and you remove scrolls so people have to buy the transparent candy and you do away with kinah while beefing up the broker fees while on top of that not only you can't trade anymore, but most things can't go into the account warehouse and they sell for 1 kinah and can't be disenchanted... So what good news could there be? Reverting all the nyerk?
  4. Level 53, no quests left

    I am not sure if this is still the case since the last patch so someone might have to confirm, but before 6.x the way to level from 53 to 65 is literally spam BT. And ever since they put a portal to BT from Ing/Gelk, and raised the fast track level cap to 65, you can actually (finally) do BT on fast track and get insane exp even if you duo if you can't solo with the class you are trying to level at the moment.
  5. In game, all my characters have one brown eye, one blue. When in appearance changing menu however, they are correct, both eyes same colour and same as it was before. So, not as bad as the previous one where the faces got mutated and we received a "very generous" one surgery ticket per account, but still nyerking annoying.
  6. 6.x? Why is there NO communication?

    Gameforge already got 6.0.
  7. Pumpkin event in EU

    Ah, interesting. Thanks.
  8. This is awesome! But we don't have that...

    If that's the case then it'll be even more interesting to know that the screenshot is with a downscaled UI at 95%.
  9. Pumpkin event in EU

    So I've been fiddlin' around for a few hours on the EU servers. A very interesting thing is that the EXP/Drop rate buff there is obtained a bit different to here. Basically, there's a coffin in Sanctum/Panda that sits there round the clock, you click on it and it gives you the buff for 1 hour. You can click it again to rebuff when the current buff expires. lol Just wanted to put that out there. Oh, another neat thing, unrelated to the event, is (and I'm not sure if it's just a "new player" status thing) when you ascend, you get this gear from your class perceptor: https://imgur.com/zbxtHW0 3 boxes in total, one for the armor set, 2 for weapons. So, your sin can choose 2 weapons, your cleric can choose mace and shield (or 2 staves or whatever), etc. And they look really neat too, different from the eternal one you get here for the homeward bound event and they look different per type, not all the same dress. Chain example with staff: https://imgur.com/YblXREX Leather example with daggers: https://imgur.com/ktucwCE https://imgur.com/typMFol And on another note, I haven't checked Poeta on the servers here, bu over there that thing got a facelift with walls, stairs, paving etc. Oh, and I haven't played Aion for a while so I have no clue Petra medals are something EU has or just a different name for what we already have here and for what lvl gear they are, but you know those sack bundles that drop in instances with like scrolls, pots, manastones etc? I did an NTC run and the 20 odd sacks gave me, besides the pots etc., like around 10 Petra medals. No particular point to this post, just though it's interesting enough to share.
  10. I always wondered why was the skin preview window soooo tiny. Still even after so many years. Have you seen the preview feature in some of the other games? Like TERA and BDO for example. Sure sure, I know we'll never have something like that in Aion, but holy hell, has anyone seen the preview window in Aion EU? O_O No? Just gaze at the this... Why is it still so tiny in Aion NA version?
  11. Character and Legion Name Ownership Policy

    Thanks for the clarification. Nice and straightforward. I'm totally fine with that logic. Now, why was it so hard for the support to just say that?
  12. Character and Legion Name Ownership Policy

    So, I submit a ticket for legion name change appeal and explain that my legion had that name since it was created in 2011. And that just a few minutes after the servers were up I tried to rename the legion to the same name and got a message that it was already taken. I give the details of the account the legion BG is on, the char name, pre and post merge details, everything. And the reply I get is: So, unless I don't get what they are trying to say here, this basically sounds like they haven't read anything and just think that I'm complaining about not being able to use a random legion name and tell me that it's because it is already taken...??? So I said something like: I know the legion name is in use... that is the point of this ticket and the point of the forum post by Cyan which I linked to. If it wasn't in use, why would I submit a ticket? So they reply: Can someone translate this? Are they trying to say that the legion that is using the name has the claim to it? As in, more right to it? If that's the case, fine. Fair is fair. But, I'd like to know for sure if I should just go ahead and use the ticket on a different name.