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  1. Lucky Griffon does nothing when most are already max flight speed and 2mins? who the hell is in a fight for 2 mins?
  2. Lets also say this, there is no REAL way to get AP fast. All forts are camped by elyos or asmos. Only running around in zergs.... such as Apex Legion, Clarity, AF. Not sure on the asmos side but it happens. If dredge was out by now. The game would be having WAY less AP traders than there are now. So put some blame onto the company for it.
  3. They cant really afford to perma ban a lot of people. With probably 1/5 maybe 1/4 of the whole entire game partaking in something like this. I just think its funny, so many hypocritical people in the game that complain, HAVE ap trading in there legion. But they seem to turn a blind eye to them but its not okay if others do it.
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