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  1. What is an attack based CC? All sorcs sleeps are not affected by cast speed buffs or debuffs
  2. I agree, all forms of cc like, roots, stuns, KB's, KD's etc should also come with diminishing returns and resistance after the 3rd one as well.
  3. Indeed that combo is just stupid, especially when they are a support class doing that. Everyone is a cannon now, this is the whole reason why sorcs are not great anymore. Every class can burst just as much as a sorc but arent nearly as fragile as them though.
  4. They do have diminishing returns as well as resistance after the 3rd sleep. These are the type of people who are crying that sorcs are OP.....
  5. SW's have instant sleep, sorcs can have one if they run that stigma build which is only a 12m aoe around himself. Even if the sorc landed his sleep because the SW is using the silence resist buff, the sorc still has to pray his silence lands to be able to finish the SW. Thats also assuming the sorc landed the sleep as the SW can dispel himself from a sleep, all it takes good reaction or a script with AHK. And if that sleep doesnt stick now the SW just sleeps, applies para, sleeps again and proceeds to kill sorc. I find it odd people talking about sorcs 4 shotting them but not SW's 2-3 sh
  6. So you think it should be able to go full dps and still heal really good or something? Guess what? When a sorc goes full dps he cant heal at all. Do you even know what you're talking about? So you acknowledge a SW kills just like a sorc can even though it has much more tools and can do it while being mobile even though it is a support class and not a glass cannon like a sorc? With Ultimate x form you are already nearly at cap cast speed anyways why are you crying about the 11% difference? I never lost a fight and said "if only i had 11% more cast speed i could had won." The davae skill
  7. If people think sorcs are so strong, wait until they find out about SW's that are basically sorcs on crack. Sorc- no heals, no dispels, no silence/KB resist or sleep/fear resist, can not disepl a aoe sleep or fear from themselves or their group, no group buffs or shields, can not drain someones mana, and does not have very mobile DPS. Sw's- Heals, Dispels, has fear/sleep resist or silence/KB resist, can dispels themselves or group from fears/sleeps, can give buffs and shields to group, can drain mana, very mobile dps with short cd's and low cast time and can remove a buff.
  8. Maybe i missed it but i did not see in the notes the update about sleeps no longer increase magic defense. Did this change happen this patch?
  9. Was talking about damage formula on another server and this link came up https://www.aiononline.com/classes/mage Take a look and see how a glad has the same 90 knowledge that a sorc has. They even have painters with more knowledge than sorcs. Pretty sad if this is why sorcs damage is so bad.
  10. You can see at 1:23 mark that he uses that odian shield and can move, but he does not use any skills. Not sure if he did not want to or you are unable to.
  11. Sorcs odian skills, https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Skill/6345 Looks like sorcs get meterorite skill back, this time no knockback but a 30% heal reduction debuff. If google translate is correct, it can not be dispelled. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Skill/6346 An aoe snare around caster, instant cast. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Skill/6347 Reduces damage by 30%, 1 min cd. Google translate saids "In the meantime, the skill is unavailable." Not sure if that means you are unable to use skills while the buff is up.
  12. You can also see this sorc use boon of iron clad twice within 30 secs or so of each other in the first fight. They have a small icon in the corner of the buff to show its an odian skill.
  13. Its easy to find out if they were nerfed or just reduced in base damage to match its pvp damage reduction. Stormstrike hits only for 60% in pvp, so just take the base damage of 9933 and multiply it by .6 and you get the 5960 damage it will be in 7.0. So its just a way to simplify things like they were trying to do with 6.0 so it makes sense. Also makes even more sense that they added a pve buff to vaizels wisdom to make up for it. So the damage skills were not nerfed in pvp, only just in pve which isnt a big deal. Now sorcs get a bind with the silence and BoIC got the buff it needed, sorcs are
  14. It has always been like this ever since combining two hand weapons started back in 1.9. 10% of the secondary weapon base magic boost and base attack were added to the total base stat.
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