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  1. I found Nerita on IS at a few minutes after 1 am MST last night. So about every 6 hours from then I think. I only know of 2 of the locations for Nerita. One is outside of hoarfrost where the Mau spirits are and the other is in Bakarma Barracks just about under the "B" in Barracks on the map. I do not know where the Red Mane spawn is. Hope that helps!!
  2. on IS asmo side our BG has been spawning regularly every 6 hours it seems. The first 2 spawns I knew about happened during dredge so that was bad timing but 3rd spawn I got all 3 chests. The message you get when it spawns is tiny white letters in the center of your screen. Nothing appears in the chat window and its very easy to miss. when it spawns it has one chest and another chest appears 5 mins later and the last chest 5 mins after that. I think it stays up for another 5 mins so you have about 15 mins to get to it and get your chests. Its only once weekly that you can do it so you do
  3. You can complete the pass without doing everything. I have completed it on 2 characters under level 40 the last 2 times with a few days to spare. Just do everything else and you should have no problems completing it.
  4. no one hit the surk and they let me hit the boss first. I did finally get an update yesterday. My group let me hit the boss for the first 5% and the last 5% and I also had full dp and used marchutans protection which increases my damage by 100% twice while killing him. Because of this and because just hitting him first and last was not giving me an update I do think its more damage based to get the update. Also any of the clerics I have asked are at 0/3. So that seems to point toward it being damage based as well. Most of the people that finished it without even noticing it is a problem
  5. I know people are saying that but I hit him first twice now...my whole group let me hit him and saw me hit him first....0/3
  6. well its not first hit because I tested it twice. I hit first and still no credit...maybe last hit?
  7. I have defeated him 3 times today and just noticed that my progress is showing 0/3. What am I missing?
  8. Which server are you on? I am IS and I got 2 golds for taking Siel's West and then went to the tower for Siel's East and got 2 golds for defending that one. It might be you didn't do enough damage or get enough AP? I do recall that prior to the buff update there were a couple times on Sulfur defenses I did not get any medals so I was thinking maybe that one was bugged or the tower was to far away or something.
  10. And by this week you mean when?? Because it sure didn't happen yet.
  11. In addition to increasing the drop rate how about a daily log in reward that gives them? Seems like that would help a lot. People not wanting to make fenris can sell them and the prices would drop to a more reasonable rate.
  12. it has to be the gold colored supplement, do it on a lower level pc of gear so it does not cost as much!
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