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  1. I totally disagree with you bud, games that lasted the distance, were the ones wich understood that free to play player base was almost as important as pay to play or pay to win, i could give you several examples, including aion in its golden days. What you support is an elitistic system, crowded with bots and ap-trading. All you said is so wrong that i can't even believe i could make you undersrand. Yes, its old timers, who got jobs, but also responsabilities, and wisdom. Perhaps you jumped into pouring money in a product you dont know yet where it will go, as far as im concerned, i wait and
  2. To develop a bit, I returned to aion as a F2P, because i believe the prices required are way too high and unnappealing for such a dated product, i believe that new players and old timers will find it extremelly punishing to only drop white items, to get half xp and to get NO AP except the 1 hour of the day. This refletcs in many of the issues people have been unhappy about: Why to go pvp, if you get no AP, hence, dead pvp server No drops, one of the things that kept the aion economy flowing were F2P players farming to get themselves a source of kinah income, this kept brok
  3. I wanted to start a community discussion about the current situation of Aion classic, so you guys either tell me i am wrong, or, if i am bringing something interesting on the table, to hope that the NC staff to read the topic. I see big issues in this release that were substancially worstened with last week maintenance: - unchecked AP trading - devastating rules for new players or F2P with deep consequences for the entire community. - low interaction from the devs with the community - the prices on Siel's Aura I will develop each of these points if people p
  4. i Really dont know where you get your "facts" from, but atleast you stopped with that destructive notion of AP calculations. True, many prefer PvE content, in the servers i played all those years, Elyos were big on PvE, but probably those were the circles you were playing in as well, and, specially until they killed Katalam, reshanta and Tiamaranta, most people were working hard to get the gear to get involved in the PvP content those places were about. Aion IS a PvP game, that's the whole point of having 2 oposing factions. Even if many players choose PvE, that is indeed a FACT you
  5. Girl, wake up. This is aion, not a banking system. Even in real life, its currency inbalances that make investment worth it, without it, economy stops to a halt. Aion is a pvp game, and kind of balance you wish for, would only cause an absolute inbalance as you would have whales zerging mad on lower gear players because they nearly nothing to loose and a lot to win. If you think, they payed for that gear and those advantages so they deserve, get over it, the system is made so that slower paced or mild investors or even free to play people dont quit after a week of getting zerged
  6. hello all, i am enjoying the classic a lot, I started playing Aion in EU server at 2.1 (i believe?) and always enjoyed the game a lot, even though it was pay to win, i still had fun, even in PvP Vs all maxed players. My issues are, the insane abuse on f2p players on this release, we are 3 players here at home, me, and my 2 daughters, we are all massive fans of the game, but, do you people really believe i will pay 15, 30, or 45 bucks a months for a 12 year old game? and lets face it, these early version didn't really have the content to justify that money. As mentioned already,
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