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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 5, 2018

    I see only two possible ways for this. 1. They REALLY like to see how we all get mad for the intentional trolling with these bad decisions. 2. They REALLY wants to end the game forcing us to quit. Because, there's no way a staff that its suppose to watch its community, create a strategy, build a plan to make its CLIENTS enjoy and keep us in the game, continuously keep doing this big mistakes, for me it's all intentional. That's it. And, as we are super addicted to AION, the sad this, and I include myself, we will do the event, we will be there like lambs, we will betch on lfg about the faction not killing the boss, and the story will continue, as every week. ^^
  2. Bug at stats profile

    Glad aswell is not only me, well I made this character at 3.0 so maybe you are right about that, i will check my newest toons, but this continuously happen all the time, I wish @Cyan could read this and help out.
  3. Bug at stats profile

    Hello, I tried to submit a ticket for this, but for some reason, it doesn't let me. Anyways, the problem is that all the time my stats goes red, like if I wasn't wearing any armor, they decreased by a lot for a few seconds, I don't know if this happen while I'm fighting, but I've noticed it happens all the time, I recorded a video so it can be more understandable. Seems like a bug to me, hope I can find some help. Thanks. >> Video
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    Welp, time to play overwatch then
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    where does it says its delayed?
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    Hi @Cyan I don't have problems or complains about almost anything, but, the enchanment rates, in my opinion are a little bit unreal, not impossible, but unreal, annoying, frustrating and quite hard, can you double check and adjust those rates? ancient gear is sometimes harder to enchant than legendary and ultimate, and those legendary stones, rarely proc, I don't know, it feels like something is wrong.
  7. DN-Elyos Governor+Commander Trolls? Not again please.

    Okay, I made a decision. I will flood the system with my tickets, I will screenshot and give fully explanations of our situation, (and trust me, I can be annoying AF) I’m aware of all we are suffering due that weird couple, if NC don’t do anything, we need to solve this ourselves, with no QQ, with no drama, attacking the problem where it is, and it’s removing Gov and Comm to those, we could power level in gp to Benye and Covergirl, it’s our only way if NC refuse to help us. We can gather several static groups that are agreed with this idea, we can set a bank to gather money and buy scrolls and just spamming EB. And of course many people will be winning for this, I don’t care if I’m not going in, but I just want they raise up. It might be a crappy idea, but it’s the only thing that cross my mind.
  8. Welcome wagon - introductions!

    Hello, my name is Leo, I've been in Aion since a lot time but I always quit from time to time, so I guess that makes me a noob veteran haha, started in a private server called Infinite Aion (damn, those were really good times, patch 1.5) then when these servers became f2p, I started on SL, with a Gladiator - Elyos, named Nuev, after that, made ton of characters, until decided to stay on the one I am now, Bubblicious, chanter on BR, I'm moving to IS/TM/KR with the full legion (Static), was a pleasure to write this... Have fun, happy huntin'. -- -- ¡prende y pasa!
  9. New Server Name Suggestions

    EDIT: Ok, so I totally forgot about Meslamtaeda was already used as a name server, still I think Ereshkigal is a great name, so, retaking my post, I will go more in deep, becasue I truly believe this is not an easy thing to be decided and it SHOULD be have a content, a story back, and somehow be related with the game, we can't just go and get a name because is fun. So if Ereshkigal, is the only Dragon Lord that has not been used before in a Server name, I had to find a contrast for this, so, as the name refer to the Queen of the Great Earth, in the Mesopotamian Mythology, we can keep using it as Ice, and we also have Nergal, God of Plague, that in a time they were lovers, and this one can represented in our case as fire. So, to sum it up: - Nergal - NG (SL - BR) Fire - Ereshkigal - EK (IS - TM - KR) Ice -- Going deeper, using elements has even more sense, since these lasts patches about the Elements, we still have Earth and Wind for new Servers, I think that if this is all related, has a better impact and has a stronger foundation. -- Hope you like guys.
  10. New Server Name Suggestions

    Ok, so analyzing well our situation, even when Ariel and Azphel are great names, I don't think are the best names for the servers, each server will have asmos and elyos, and those names represent Empyrean Lords of each faction, Azphel for asmos and Ariel for Elyos, so is not a fair name, each server will have a name that will represent more a faction than another one, I hope this is making sense, so in order to be a little bit more fair, I vote to get names of Dragon Lords, that are more neutral, to keep a dualism and contrast for each server, my suggestions are: - Meslamtaeda for (BR - SL) which will represent Fire (red) - Ereshkigal for (IS - TM - KR) which will represent Ice (blue) In the future to come, this could even work to make server battles and we can keep this contrast. Kind Regards, - Leo (Bubb)