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  1. P2W lolz ... <insert every MMO ever created> What's pay to win? BCM? ummm ... wrong Candies? Ummmm ... wrong Candies effect your normal rubbish disposal. It's easy enough running content to get to limit just selling rubbish, so no ... candies are laughable BCM? Please, find a new argument, something else to whine and complain about please. These are tired, tired, tired, tired, tired, old dead horse beaten with a spoon commentaries about nothing. Enlighten me please ... you play, you pay more, you play, you pay more than the others ... what did you win? Please
  2. I'm not wasting my time. I'm still having fun playing AC. It's a video game, it's only real job is to entertain me during my free and leisure time. I don't give a developer or a publisher enough power in my life to effect what I have fun doing. When their game is no longer fun, I'll move on, but for now ... having a great time with legion and having a great time with content. I'm sure it's frustrating for solo players, but I'm not a solo player ... I play with friends, and that makes it worth while. Getting mad at a video game is not how i spend my free time. It's about as productiv
  3. I've been on all day, gotten all the coins for staying logged in. Haven't seen a word about or a spawn of BG Nerita.
  4. I've been on all day on Siel-Asmo. Got my 6 Turkey coins for staying logged in on two different toons, but did not see any notices in /LFG or server announcements that BG Nerita had spawned, and I've bound my characters to Red Mane. Broken?
  5. The XP event will help levelers for sure. I hope server mergers come at the end of Daeva Pass. 100% XP boost combined with the FT and DC repeatables ... it would be hard not to get to 50 during this event if you play somewhat regularly. I have a 50 Ranger, but I'm bringing up a 32 Sorcerer, so this will be much appreciated.
  6. It's dead if you aren't having fun and that fits your narrative. It's not dead if you're having fun and enjoying it, which I am. I understand frustration, but there's enough of it in real life, I don't let it permeate my leisure and free time. All games die, and players move on. I've enjoyed them all ... Aion, Rift, Tera, GWII, SWTOR, Neverwinter, Archeage, BDO, Revelation. Aion was my first love and I'm still having fun, so I don't let the noise effect that. Truth is, on Siel, I don't have any issues running content. I can get in Dredge at anytime during the 2 hour window. Forgot
  7. The game is fun. Different than original iteration in 2009? Sure, but still fun. It's easy to get Lannok, DP, DC and Dredge groups on Siel ... lots of players in Primum. I'll keep playing until it's not fun any longer. Hopefully, that's a long time from now. Looking forward to 1.7, 1.9 and 2.0. 2.0 was one of the greatest patches in Aion. Maybe you had unrealistic expectations for the game and wanted it to be something that it's not. Fair enough, that's valid. But it's a video game, it's leisure and recreational time, we play it by choice. Not having fun? No worries, lots of ga
  8. Oh, to the contrary ... I'm not trolling. I'm laughing. To post repeatedly on the forums of something you claim to hate with all the vitriol of a petulant trantrum and wanton negativity with the end game to bring all others down to hate what you hate and loathe what you loathe so that you might find some solace and refuge in company is pure entertainment. I laugh because it's all time you'll never get back in your life. The inflammatory and generally misguided animus provide nothing of value other than entertainment. Internet anger within the refuge of anonymity entertains me. Temper
  9. lolz ... a wall of text that supports my original point. Thank u. Keep Googling big words and being all growed up. Gold star! lolololo
  10. Yes, but I'm playing Aion and I'm having fun. These are Aion forums. I play Aion. That you draw a correlation between the two is a rather uneducated hypothesis and your narrative is rather flawed. What I'm NOT doing ... is posting in the forums of a game I hate, published by a company I loathe. I'll assume you intelligent enough to understand the difference. But given your reply ... perhaps not.
  11. Can't be that much to do if you keep posting on Aion forums every hour. No shame in LOVING AION. You are the quintessential lover of all things Aion. You cannot get it out of your head. Even as you are 'playing Elyon' you cannot control the urge to see if your posts on AION LOVERS FORUMS was replied to. Must. Try. Harder. To. Resist. The dark side of the force is strong in you young padawn. Did you name your character in Elyon Alpacino??? "Everytime I try to get out ... they drag me back in!" It's okay to love Aion, we got your back bro ... because there just ain't no denying
  12. If you quit, then leave. Why r u here? Because you LOVE Aion ... you LOVE NCSoft ... you try to break away, but you keep staying. You say you play Elyon, yet to spend your time posting in AION. You LOVE AION, you can't get enough of AION ... you fall asleep dreaming of AION and wake up at your PC with slobber all over your keyboard. Who you think you're foolin' with your rubbish talk? Great LOVER of AION! You fool NO ONE AION LOVER. You will never leave. Never. Ever. Never.
  13. Let me point out an annoying feature by making an equally annoying post about it. Brilliant, I'm sure they will listen to you
  14. I would agree with this with regard to both working class and family players as well as East Coast players. I would be more in line with entrance tickets or maximums, where you could run Dredge 3 times a day, whenever you were able by using a ticket ... a ticket you could get 3 of per day from an NPC. Sure, it would probably not help with queue times, but the queue times are already long, so might as well make an effort to help players participate more
  15. Game is fun, I'm enjoying it. I'll keep playing it until it's not fun anymore. Having fun is really the only requirement I have for a game. I don't give cheaters or hackers the power to ruin my gameplay. So their pixilated avatar kills my pixilated avatar ... ok. Respawn. If you're not enjoying the game, and I certainly understand your frustration with NCSoft, you should try to find another game that allows you to have fun. Gaming is leisure and fun time, all of the drama, negativity and hatred just ain't worth it. Life is too short
  16. Oh look, another negative flaming NCSoft troll thread as inarticulate as a temper tantrum. Gee, where have we seen this before? Oh yeah, right ... in 40 other threads. Nothing to see here, move along
  17. Quitting is certainly everyone's right, but why keep coming in here and complaining about a game you've quit playing? Seems like a waste of your time. Move along. Still plenty of people playing everyday and having a good time, on Siel anyway. Broker is moving fast, items sell out quickly, had nearly 3 full alliances for Gojira last night, Dredge groups are forming the entire 2 hour window for all three pops, LFG is lively ... there's a whole group of the population spamming for FT repeatables everyday. I would guess these players are coming over from IS and leveling new toons. Good p
  18. That's all correct, they lowered the drop rates and value of the drops in those areas to discourage bots. Problem is, they also negated one of the best speed farming areas in the game, the undead right outside of Adma. Used to be a good farming spot for drops and kinah
  19. This is a logical argument. I would tend to agree with it (I live in central time zone). Thank you for making a reasonable case instead of posting an all caps, flaming , childish tirade and tantrum like we in so many posts lately. Kudos to you, I hope they listen.
  20. Don't agree at all. Siel was hoppin' last night. Relentless LFG spam for DP and Dredge groups. Broker counters were busy, hundreds in Primum, and good participation in lower and upper sieges. If you believe the game is dead, move on. In your absence, there will still be hundreds of players enjoying the game and the content, focused on enjoying our leisure and game time instead of flaming, whining, trolling and complaining. It's a game man ... don't like it, go play another one. People tire of negativity and your only absolution is trying to bring people down to your level and be mis
  21. Why continue to post angry forum messages after your DP tirade? You can go where ever you'd like to go to view whatever you'd like to view. I posted them here. That is bothers you is just a bonus. Better move on the forums and practice your Dark Poeta skills.
  22. https://www.aiononline.com/news/balaur-incursion-notes or click on image twice to see fullsize
  23. 50e wasted? ummm ... yeah okay 2.0 brings Gelkmaros, Ingisson, Silenterra Canyon, Beshmundir Temple, Udas Temple and more open world PvP. It's the hey day of Aion and one of the best times to be in the game. Not really sure why you dislike it so much ... because of a solo dungeon that you're never forced to run? Because your top PvP gear is still the top PvP gear? Sometimes I think you post rubbish just because you're bored and like to troll. Other times I think think the isolation and desert like conditions on IS are getting to you. If you are still logging in, I hope you one
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