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  1. i dont want transformations, nor +15+20+50 enchant, nor supercrazy power ups and being so op and so ahead of the rest, a fair game a fair pvp and pve, is that too bad? business? sure?, looking different from the other players isnt enough? people always want more and more to fill that empty hole called satisfaction, at the end you will fill that hole with smoke and a false sensation of glory and beliving that you are ahead of the others, skilled , smarter, wake up!
  2. nvm thanks just restarted the game and got fixed.
  3. finished lv 40 quest *to balaurea* im lv 43 and no more campaign quest? i did check all maps to see if i miss something but no, no quest in ingisson either, no even a repeatable nothing
  4. https://youtu.be/8d4RtvMQp10 old joke still funneh
  5. how can i add more RAM? download it from ram.com......hahahaha, if the question was serious you need to buy a new one or add more if you have 2 slots or more in your motherboard.
  6. generic is totally right i took a break after server merge, started 3 days ago and sadly it is impossible to grind in illuma im 71 1/2 with full ac gear +10 but , its like garbage now, and if you cant grind you cant lv up being killed every 3-5 mins its really frustrating plus there is tons new rng items (bracelet, minions, essences,) new pvp /pve gear. omegas are still hard to get, and if you cant farm , you have no choice but spend money, very triky....gess im taking another break.
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