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  1. Its currently impossible for even Siel's population to take any upper fort. Once Kysis and Krotan get dredged, the UA will be all balaur until gate and dux health gets fixed.
  2. So we have the Griffon/Wolf speed boost event, Gojira event, and the Twitter Porgus/Ribbit event all running simultaneously. Is all the dev time being put to work on events that suck? Please just work on 1.5.
  3. I'm sorry but 1.5 next month is far too late. It shows how poorly managed and maintained this game is.
  4. Thank you for continuing to update us, please keep banning AP traders.
  5. NCsoft should be banning more AP traders, not less. Why are you defending AP traders so much?
  6. Can you please tell us the goal that Israphel must reach before Siel can get the next content patch?
  7. When I started playing Aion classic I had some idea about what to expect with NCsoft, but now even I'm surprised about how poorly this game is being managed. I still hope to come back but in the meantime I've cancelled my sub until 1.5 releases or the ap traders/hackers get banned.
  8. AP traders/hackers/bots directly reduce my enjoyment of the game. The more of these people you ban the more money I will spend.
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