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  1. I've told him that once too. Apparently he has nothing else to do.
  2. There is plenty of armor to cover your body if that is your thing. Plenty of things to complain about Aion, but armor/skins isn't one of them for sure lol.
  3. It's level 30 AP accessories. Not like it would break the game. I'm not surprised at all to see that. I figured they would say something like that tbh. Mismanagement, yet again. Who would of thought? =O I could agree with all of those topics, but on KR. Actually not even in KR. Hire staff to ban bots and you don't need to fk over legit players. It's that simple. I was so excited to see new content being added in 1.9. I was thinking "hell yeah, they still care about the game". Nope. Dead wrong lol. Next time I'll read the little patches too.
  4. Maybe they just quit due to NC incompetence. I don't understand why do they keep promoting Israphel tbh. Whoever thinks that server will ever recover is plain stupid. They should have merged 2 months ago and banned hackers and traders on first report. But noooooo! Let's wait 3 months to start acting, after 70% of the players have quit... roflmao. Follow KR on patch delivery? WHY? Lets delay to make even more people quit. 101 on how to fail with NCsoft. All over again.
  5. Maybe they think that they will sell more candies by lowering drops. Instead, it will drive even more people away from the game... I went to check broker for demolition stuff to DE, there are 2 weapons on SL-A, and they are a lot more expensive than before patch. Well done again, NCfail.
  6. No more Fabled grade equipment drop to combat bots due to being a safe area is my best guess... and I THINK that I read that somewhere...
  7. I need to know if this will still happen or what. Need to make plans with my AP.
  8. I agree. Game is slowly losing players now and it won't be too long before we get to retail numbers imo. After 2 free weeks of Aura we lost 40% of population, then another 45% over the last 3 months due to the ridiculously long delay for 1.5 and everything else you mentioned. Now we are peaking at 15% server capacity on Siel. I consider it a fail already. I'll keep playing because there is nothing else that I like... hoping for new games that meet my style soon. You can enjoy the game the way you want to. The world doesn't revolve around you, dude. Game can be considered "dea
  9. Why can't you do one after another without CD but with a limited entry number? That is much, much better.imo. They changed so it would be like that in more recent patches iirc.
  10. My guess is 1pm, 6 or 7pm and 10pm CST. What do you all guess? (Since it's all we can do as they never release patch notes before patches happen lol.
  11. I don't think they would launch the patch with the nerf, BUT it's NCsoft! Also, on that same note, the Bakarma fix was launched the same day they nerfed Dark Poeta requirements in KR. So, who knows? =/ I guess we will know "shortly after" patch releases...
  12. Is that 1x 100% EXP amulet on new character creation or what? Please elaborate.
  13. The only thing that I dislike about assassins is the twinks. But that is not exclusive to assassins, though. I dislike twinking in general as it's just overgeared people killing lowbies. Twinking aside, Assassin is one of the harderst if not the hardest class to play in the game at endgame imo. It's ok if you disagree, but for me it sure is, even with the surprise element.
  14. No one knows that for sure. We are already not following KRs time frame for patches, so who knows? We are 1 month behind if im not mistaken (please correct me if so). What we do know is that the devs intend to bring the game up to 2.7. No one knows what is going to happen after that. KR is at 1.9 right now, which introduced a few things never seen before (another dredgion like instance and brought early the pvp arenas). I doubt it will be 2 years. KR should launch 2.0 in 2 months tops (if they follow updates time frame). It's more like a year... or a little bit less than that.
  15. Never going to happen. Also 8h would be once a day for 90% of the players either way lol. I believe we will get the "bugged" 24h CD version at start and then get the new patch with 1.7 that puts it to 22h CD as it is now on KR iirc (unless NCwest, for some miracle, manages to get the mini patch before that, which would be awesome).
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