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  1. I agree on the sulfur quest for the campaign. Yes under 50 is the best way to get AP which that's NC fault at best. The core should of been a 50 only area even on retail but we would of had issues when it came to turning in crowns and so forth. I wouldn't say ely 50s are selfish on siel. Plenty of asmos in that category as well. It's an ego thing. I'm better then you type mentality. Never understood it, don't care to understand it either. It's not an elitist thing. I know that all to well! Don't miss those days what so ever! The agreements that are in place between both fa
  2. Welcome to the world of politics. I disagree with it. Siel is the same way. Deciding who gets what. Every fort should be rest to balaur prior to siege and both factions should fight for it. Not this oh I want it, ok. If I wanted politics in a damn game , I'd run into a wall over and over again screaming I'm cocooo
  3. youre not wrong on the aspect on faith with ncwest. its one of the reasons i left after 4.7 doing the monthly sub and cash items just to keep up with the players who spend way more than ppl with an average income is hard to compete with. i think i finally left at 5 or 6k maybe a lil more. hard to tell. spending money means nothing to me if im enjoying the game. now if the devs/company aint doing nothing to at least stable the game to bring it to a some what enjoyable presence whats the point on even spending a dime. plenty of games out there that will welcome our money and listen to our revi
  4. jesus. now that is a coordinated alliance / league. just shows that they can work together better than NA can 1000x better. If players want a 1v1 type game go play skyrim and so forth.
  5. Gain Loss Solo x10 Duo x10 Loss per 10 kills General – 4890 – 1662 48,900 36,675 16,620 5 star – 4446 – 1511 44,460 33,345 15,110 4 star – 2964 – 741 29,640 22,230 7,410 3 star – 2577 – 644 25,770 19,327 6,440
  6. youre statement is absolutely pathetic. would you like me to show you the purchase history of my account for classic. its not in the hundreds or below that. its not 0. its above 4 figures. so before you make a pathetic statement like that. check the facts 1st!
  7. They don't want us naming and shaming the exploiters, AP traders , hackers which is whatever but do they understand that they are shaming us cuz we can't compete on that level?
  8. Why boycott, when you can sign a petition that ncsoft failed to abide by their own ToS. Which means $$$$$$ money back for the players who bought subs and quna. So the real question is it worth it NCSOFT? or GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT
  9. You and me both. It's just sad that they're priorities are suspending players who call them out on their bullshit and promises that the won't commit to. It sickens me even worse that the hackers/AP traders have stayed in game this long and that people actually back them up, but you hop on a pserver and they get banned instantly. What's even worse is that the pservers care more about their community and the game then the actual company of the game. Which brings me back to GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT NCSOFT.
  10. It has a good chance to recover. First off these cm's / GM's need to stop suspending people for calling out ncsoft about the state of the game. When I was on a 3 day ban i noticed an abundance of suspended players on the forum's. Most of which called ncsoft out like myself with the ap traders , hackers being left a lone but oh no you exploit a dungeon for mass amount of kinah or find a way to make a run faster and easier. You get banned. Like we as a community said before. NCSOFT NEEDS TO GET THEIR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. its not just ely faction. asmos are doing the exact same thing. lot of drama at sunday's siege. it was pathetic! so i feel the pain as the questing part and so forth. as for the drama and getting the factions to come together, well thats been happening since 2009. nothing new on that subject. to much epeen imo.
  12. @Saitamasenseiyou couldnt of said it much better than myself! kudos.
  13. The state of Classic Aion as we see it. A lot of us came back due to the immense pvp action that we enjoyed from aion before it got ruined. I myself enjoyed everything up until patch 4.7 when I finally left aion. So at this point in time this is what im seeing and a lot of other are seeing as well which needs to be addressed and fixed asap or classic goes poof like retail did and NCsoft loses more players cuz of an Epic fail relations with their community · The hacking – countless video’s are up with solid proof of the players who knowingly hack cuz they just don’t care and
  14. Wex isnt wrong. I gave up reporting bots. Especially at lower lvl when they were farming quest area's. Reporting players at this point i really dont know what to say on that aspect. To me naming and shaming them seems to do 100000x more damage. Just look at the AP Trading / Known Hacking google docs sheet. That is enough proof with videos, but who am i to judge. I guess vs 10 yrs ago vs now, im just here to have fun and go against rivals. if they wanna get an upper hand by AP trading/hacks by all means go for it. just shows your ego is small and that you cant pvp / earn your way to rank!
  15. we both think alike. no point in banning them. just strip them of the their AP gear and AP. make them earn it like the rest of the legit players. Doing that will spread word to not AP trade or face the exact same fate. i may be wrong, but i believe its been done already
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