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  1. Unfortunately once again the aion admin ended the game. I stopped paying this month, but I went in to take a look at how the game was. siel 434 online from level 1 to 50 israphel 137 online from level 1 to 50 NCSOFT still has the guts to charge for a failed game. https://imgbox.com/ezx90Kdd
  2. I went back to playing aion because of the classic version. Once again the ADM ended the game. server completely empty, of course full of bots. Goodbye Aion Classic
  3. Este clássico não dura 1 ano do jeito que está indo. Um grande jogo, com administradores terríveis
  4. site selling the hack before the classic version came out. ADM don't know it has a hack? server private the ban on hack is more serious than the official one we pay
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