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  1. Is MyAion working for Classic 1.5? There was a notice for weeks on their site saying it was broken.
  2. I was in Dredge yesterday and a L51 Cleric stigma dropped from one of the mobs.
  3. Nah, in Barnath Dredgion, you can see who is in the opposing team, and their rank before the match starts, so you send in one of your group, not the whole group, and that member reports back in chat if it's ok to enter. It's by no means an exploit, it doesn't involve the other side at all, so it's not AP trading.
  4. Yeah I thought your post was just trolling for attention, I will leave you to it.
  5. That would be circumstantial evidence, it would never stand up in court.
  6. Not a chance, the only way to prove it is if you are in one of those groups that uses the technique.
  7. Because you can transfer many things between characters, I suggest you have a 2nd. account with mule toons for storage.
  8. No quest reward white items can be picked up since 1.5 without Siel's Aura, it's not limited to Krall Marks.
  9. Groups have been sending in spies to the opposite side in Dredge since it was created in 2009. It's not specific to Aion Classic. They also do it in IB, ID, and AD.
  10. There is an 8hr gap between 2 of the dredge sessions, that's too long. It needs to be more even than that. Perhaps insert a 4th. session and make them all 4hrs apart.
  11. I agree, the queues take too long, if players could do more than one run per session that would help.
  12. Your the troll, you know nothing. I have 7 characters, 3 on Siel and 4 on IS, I have had as many as 11 characters altogether, my first 6 were on Siel so I could get the L30 Devonian weapon for my SM, then I deleted 4 of them so I had slots for re-rolling on IS. The character Zarbi is my mule 2nd. account, no Siel's Aura, I only play her for an hour per day, yet she already has a full set of AP 25 Armor, and half the AP L30 blue accessories, not bad for an hour per day. I stick with my opinion that people who wont roll a character on the server they like are pure lazy, this de
  13. Every minute wasted for the past 3 months crying about a particular server, you could have spent leveling a toon or two on whatever server you prefer. I play on both servers each day, and have been for months. Yet people will just keep doing the same thing over and over, this must be about the 10th. thread of server moaning, and nothing changes, especially the people moaning when they could be L50, or had several alts by now, on their preferred server.
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