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  1. On IS siege participation is a joke. Dredge is a problem because not enough Asmos enter, only high geared same people each session and they get AP for even more gear, it's totally screwed up. Siel is way better, I Dredge on both each day, and there is no comparison, to the point where I suggest Elyos on IS roll a Siel toon and forget about Dredge on IS until after the servers merge, then you can pick up where you left off.
  2. If you go to myaion.eu you can see all the Dredge games where there are zero opponents, there are heaps, the opposition cancels when they don't like who just went in on the other side. It's happened at least 8 times already today and there is another session to go.
  3. The merge survey went out 2months ago, and instantly had an overwhelming response to merge. What's the hold up, why the stalling? It's not like this is the first merge ever in Aion, there have been many over the years, the process is well understood.
  4. Same thing, perceived value for money is poor. Even WoW is cheaper sub than Classic, and has bucket loads of R&D and support. NCwest priced the product incorrectly.
  5. It's been over 10 years since I ran DP, but I am sure I got Fabled pieces, not Eternal.
  6. The server merge is necessary, the damage to IS has gone too far to recover it. Yes the price of the subscription is too high, that's the main reason people have left both servers.
  7. Not sure of the cause, it just says" waiting for opponent group formation", usually for over an hour on IS Elyos side. On Siel Elyos side it's really fast to get into Dredge even if you are late in the session. I usually try on IS first, and if I don't get in before the last half hour, I jump over to Siel and almost always get in. I presume when the servers merge it should be roughly similar.
  8. Currently on IS there are a handful of highly geared Asmo groups that do Dredge and almost nothing else. If the Elyos don't get in during the first 20min, then the chances are they wont get a game at all. I welcome an Asmo dominant server, it's better than standing around for 90min in a Dredge queue and not getting in.
  9. Yes it can, there is a new instance in 1.9 that needs to be internationalized. Bound to hold things back even longer and loose more players waiting for that to happen. Much better to get out 1.7 a.s.a.p
  10. This is a thread about Theobomos how do players kill the bots?
  11. That's not what the players voted, both servers want consolidation a.s.a.p to boost the active player numbers.
  12. The fort instances are in Aion 1.7 not 1.9. That's what I am waiting for. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Classic_-_1.7_Update
  13. relog and the time countdown fixes itself, make sure you are not going across the daily reset time.
  14. The drop rate of anything gold from the Theobomos Lab boss seems very poor as well considering it's a 6hr. cooldown and you have 6 people rolling on the loot.
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