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  1. Dredge takes forever to pop, from my perspective it looks like a shortage of Asmos on IS, though I recall waiting for an hour on Siel back in 2010. They solved it partially in Aion 7 by having a "battlefield server" which combined the queues for dredge from Katalam and Danaria servers into one instance, it still took a while to pop. It's because you can't just enter over and over, it's the cooldown period, once you have done dredge for a session, you have to wait until the next session, so you quickly run out of opponenets until the next session. Also, only a small part of the p
  2. Elyos on IS haven't taken a mid fort for weeks, I don't know if this is related or they just lost interest.
  3. Zarbi


    What's the point of AFK you can't complete the quests, and you get hardly any points, you end up with very little.
  4. It means if you notice a change in the drop rate of those items, then it is deliberate and not a bug.
  5. Yep, I would keep happily playing Aion not paying attention to the forum trolling.
  6. Which is of course utter garbage, everyone has at least 1hr. of Siel's Aura each day, during which you can loot anything you like.
  7. Why do we need to know this? Is your opinion going to magically stop people enjoying the game like you want them to?
  8. Had two Dredge sessions on IS today, 2am UTC, and 6am UTC, not sure when the 3rd one is, probably missed it. Two wins, lots of PvP and it was QE groups both time. Great fun.
  9. We have Inggison map in Aion 8.0. The introduction of ground forts ruined the fiel of Sieges. When Aion Classic goes to 2.0 I will find another game to play, I have already thought about this at length.
  10. Hopefully never, it's a feature of Aion 2.0 which I disliked, all the effort to earn your 50e set wasted, and I never want to do Taloc again.
  11. You have to complete all the Campaign quests from memory. It's been a long time since I did it.
  12. I agree, no point collecting the AP until you are ready to spend it for a couple of reasons. Firstly if you are higher rank because of the AP, you get less AP reward per mob you farm Secondly if you are higher rank because of the AP, you get targeted by the opposition, and loose more AP upon PvP death.
  13. If you had watched other Aion releases in NA over the past 12 years, you would see that patch notes come out ether on the day of the release of the patch or shortly after.
  14. Seeing Aion Classic is just over 3months old, the are obviously not in that game, I suggest you try logging into Aion not Aion Classic.
  15. Google it, you may learn something.
  16. I prefer that to P2W.
  17. F2P always becomes P2W because a business model with zero income is hard to sustain. End of story.
  18. Is that why the influence ratio on IS is 35% Asmo and only 16% Elyos?
  19. I probably won't even go to DP, hardly ever did 10 years ago. The reason being is I prefer to work on my gear methodically, rather than rely on RNG boss drops. It's the old investment vs gambling paradigm. I am looking forward to Dredge, and any other new sources of AP they might give us.
  20. Simple, send out a yes/no to merge survey to all the accounts on Israphel and see if the majority actually want it, instead of bowing to impatient new forum posters.
  21. All that tells me is you don't know how to fight an SM. There are plenty of Youtube videos on it. Fighting a Sin is about surviving their long stun lock burst, providing they are not 5+ levels above you, and they don't gank you when you are at half health on a mob, which seems to be their preferred attack, hence the problem with stealth. But you are arguing about the technicalities, where I care more about the morals of such behavior as stealth ganking whilst on mobs.
  22. Every 30 days or so I get this message: You must login to the game within the last 30 days in order to post on the community. Logging out of your NCSOFT account will allow you to view the forums as a guest. The only option it gives me is a Sign Out button. I am using Firefox on Windows 10 To be able to login in correctly I have to go to the cookies management preferences in Firefox, and delete all the cookies with the word aion in them Why does this keep happening every 30days?
  23. SM not a problem, you can see them coming. People tend to roll Sins for ganking. Ganking is sociopathic behavior, "but It's only a game" is the usual without remorse response.
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