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  1. I love how everyone is blowing this rubbish take up since we do have the stats already and currently, even if they add another insanely hard set, 50e is going to essentially be what 40e is to 50e but with the new gear they are adding in. You can get 50e now, and just sit on it and be competitive for essentially the next year or two based on NA release standards lmao
  2. Hopefully this is the thread to put this on, or at least a threat you actually read through @Kibbelz@Loki.. Some thoughts, things to look to touch on, reasoning why to explain/fight for a change, etc. First off, thank you for looking into a merge, thought its quite late and should have been done while the server still had at least 10% population to have a player base to really move over... but I guess to the 3% or so and the few coming back because of a merge this is a good sight. I will say, hopefully you plan not to move both servers to a fresh server, but instead save work load by
  3. Yeah no in open world pvp they give the same amount of ap as you would expect, the person above is just talking out of their ass. You can even go back to old videos and you can see the ap gain being the same. The only difference now is the fact they reduced ap gained in eltnen and morheim for opposing faction for some reason? Its an idiotic change that punishes rifting. No clue on why it was done, should be reverted honestly but wont be so gg
  4. "This page will be updated at the end of each week with the winners." btw, LOL
  5. LMFAO. Yeah hopefully this isn't forgotten in a game strictly based on this concept
  6. This was something that was done for KR back in March. This was not NA oriented, nor did NCWest have any say in the decision.
  7. If 2.0 doesn't follow in the next 6-8 months Classic won't live to tell the tale of Gelk/Ingg.
  8. This happened as a way to "combat bots". Though recently they have done a pretty tight job on getting rid of most of them weekly, and its to the point they could manually just jump around and find the main ones and get a list then ban extremely quickly, unlike in KR. I just wish my pet could loot these stupid items as they should
  9. You seem to have the blanket statement argument that just completely misses the point and objective of this event. You sound like a BDO player who bitches and moans about Seasonal servers and other catchup mechanics because it was 'harder in your day'. It's a single acc for new players/players who started behind others, or that you could just get on your alt characters. A small incentive for turning on the newsletters, not game breaking, and something worth a damn for the general player base in some way or another.
  10. Its crazy that this whole useless forum thread is just based off someone who is upset to the fact they didn't understand the game to know the pet existed months ago, getting Drenite to craft basic mats to level their crafting. Instead they had to spend millions for Balic mats on broker and that's not fair! So they come to vent and troll on forums about it. If items crafted by a toon is actually logged somewhere, its going to be so passed over its a joke to think anything will be done. They barely can go through logs of players we have handed them evidence of their AP trading, and those bla
  11. Neither has platinum medals, as 55 pvp gear has not yet released. So those who choose the plat medals instead of the 10 gold medals from the campaign and are already stacking ahead of all other players deserve to be banned for an exploit and something that is not "implemented into the game" according to your logic. It doesn't affect anything, and even if it did, people would be making thing that are unusable currently. Deal with it. Cope, Seethe, Mald.
  12. It was overlooked. The game currently is NOT in a 1.5 client state. The game is currently running off a 2.7 client with every asset and ID in the game from 2.7 on down. The pet was overlooked and was a mistake on the devs end, which was corrected. Should they take every piece of ore out of the servers? Sure. Should they punish players who used the ore to level a craft during the time it was available? No. Not only is it essentially untrackable, It was in the game provided by NCWest and not stated in ToS that you couldn't use it if obtained. Players are just using a perfectly norma
  13. Good to hear some direct contact with straight information finally. It wasn't the issue of clearly stating the timeline and way the event would work. It was more that there was conflicting statements from support, the website, etc on it happening or not happening or if it was just technical business wording. Glad to know it will be upheld as stated on the website and shared to players. Thank you Loki
  14. Nothing really. You need other mats as well in conjunction with the Drenite that are unavailable to players at the moment. Regardless, it was a pet provided in game, in a legitimate way. This is in no way an exploit as if it was abusing a glitch, bug, or something unintended, and should not result in any bans of players using their pet bundles. Get over yourself Gullinkambi.
  15. Could players just start on a new server with nothing and be lost or behind? Yes. Could they catch up after putting the time back in again on a new server? Yes. Does it mean they should have to go through this process in a grindy korean mmo like Aion? No. That's the point. There is also no reason for supporting a 2nd server which is 6 feet under when you can cut costs down to 1 server and keep things extremely centralized for the remaining player base. Don't try and convolute the real issue.
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