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  1. Things that were forgotten in the game...

    The game within the concept were also forgotten. Must remove the deprecated product from the servers.
  2. Either you throw it away, or keep to use as skin.
  3. Is my laptop suitable to download AION??

    Yes, you can. The Intel® HD Graphics 620 you have should handle the game well on low/medium settings (standard graphics engine). About the OS part; I assume that it's because W10 wasn't included on the referred testing tool, but you should have no problems because of that. If anything, just set the game to run in compatibility mode with Windos 7. To do so: Right click the AION Launcher on your desktop⯈ Properties ⯈ Select "Compatibility" tab ⯈ Check the compatibility box ⯈ Select "Windows 7" from the dropdown list ⯈ Apply.
  4. Is my laptop suitable to download AION??

    Your HDD either got corrupted or straight up died. It had little to nothing to do with AION client being installed. As mentioned by Kubei, you would have to drop a little more information about your laptop than "Lenovo Yoga", for us to give you a solid answer. Then what we can tell you for now is that the most basic version of the recent Yoga laptops (not older than 2 years) come with Intel IGD cards, and those can hold AION on very low settings with playable performance. Just dont expect to go out in sieges with it.
  5. Any benefit for being a returning player now ?

    The benefit is that you'll be away from this mess that aion has became for over 30 days.
  6. 'Member when...

    Matsu is right! Only 2 out of the whole 5 players of EK are asking for transfers or server merging.
  7. legendary/ult kibrium

    Hm... not quite. The suggested 'fix' would only break a few game mechanics, making it pointless to reach out for trying and getting the required matts by farming (comparable to back when they gave away end game instances gear in events). If you're seeking for more afk time, then you can call that a 'fix'. What I mentioned before, was regarding your quote "[..]Serious so many nyerking assholes being greedy, rigging up the prices for no reason.", which looks like a complain about something that you begun to do a long time ago, contributing to the economy breakage in TM server, and keeps on doing nowdays.
  8. legendary/ult kibrium

    The irony that lies on Ele complaining about players being greedy, rigging up the prices for no reason. Not to say HYPOCRISY...
  9. Skill Devotion assassin buged

    On early levels you won't notice any significant difference when under devotion's effect because there's a "cap" to the dmg you can do to those mobs. Once you hit endgame content, that skill is pretty much required for you to do reliable and relevant dmg.
  10. Computer Freezes at 40% Load

    It seems like your system is going under hardware exceptions, and it isn't directly linked to AION client. If you have the knowledge to, disassemble the entire thing and clean piece by piece.
  11. Well, this kind of sorcery isn't listed on the surface pages. So you have to download and install Tor Browser, and get a good vpn before doing your search (personally, i like the ones which does not involve sacrifices... but that's under your own criteria). xoxo gl
  12. Weekly NPC Kinah Limit Not Reset

    In fact it does not has a defined day to reset. The weekly npc vendor limit will reset continuously based on the days that you have used it. Ex: For the weekly limit of 3 You used up 2 on monday and 1 on friday. Next monday you'll be able to sell those two again, as for the other 1, you'll have to wait until friday.
  13. End of gold selling

  14. I see the moon and the moo sees me!

    Yeah, Gurl! You tell'em! Neko, you ain't winning!