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  1. If they werent doing server merges and people were still buying houses i could sell my mansion for billions right now. So yes, i am entitled to more than the pennies i spent on it years ago. And if you were in the same position your tune would be very different. I paid for the property, its value went up with inflation, i deserve to be compensated what its worth now, not what it was worth years ago. That way I may be able to couple that with money i have to buy the property again. Just because you either dont have a property or stand to lose nothing doesnt mean seeing others lose out is r
  2. Not so, like any investment you stand to gain or lose money. Housing is exactly that, an investment. Whether you intend to sell or keep to yourself is your business but the value of such an item on the market always has an average. At a time when they first mentioned server merges a year ago prices began dropping, still; the common price for mansions and higher is well in the billions and thus should be paid out as such, not what you paid. (what they're doing is like saying you bought a house in san diego in the 40's for 10k and now its worth 1 mil and they're only going to pay you 10k)
  3. I dont believe this compensation to be fair. As time has passed housing has gotten more and more expensive for a physical residence. I bought my house at the launch of housing and as such paid very little for it. Now houses are MUCH more expensive and will be even moreso after the merge. Giving me my ~300mil or so back is not going to do anything for attempting to re-purchase a house. In terms of a suggestion for how to resolve this...? Give a set amount that is around a median or higher value to all players to give equal footing when it comes to repurchasing homes. I know that personally
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