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  1. So if i as a lvl 40 melee class would want to kill a lvl 50 mob would it even be possible? how much accuracy would i need to socket if it even works that way
  2. Hey atleast hes trying more than whats said for Ncsoft XD
  3. Don't know your situation or if your lying, but if you are telling the truth, and they just banned people who looked suspicious without hard evidence, then that is indeed disgusting and they should be ashamed at that failure. Then again your friend might be lying to you aswell about "farming for 2 months". if they did ban without hard evidence thats a big yikes
  4. Well everyone is just perma farming guards for AP, there is no one doing PvP if you are PVER this can be fun, but not for me i dont wanna sit and grind all day fight none playing characthers
  5. Wouldn't a nice fix for Open world PvP be to try negate all the PvP towards Rifting instead of AP guard farming? Like if you want to PvP you have to go to Upper abyss which is so stupid, And the most effective way to get AP is from guards which shouldn't even be a thing, Maybe increase AP from Player kills so actually killing a player is worth ur time, Instead of people perma farming guards.. i understand the problem with AP trading, but NCSOFT seems to have been able to ban em. I hope someone high up reads this and can take this into consideration, I know they have to send everything to kore
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