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  1. I understand its RNG, you're the first report of only getting marks in the first week. We put out a poll and everyone stated they got a box in the first week. This is where our concerns are coming from. It is very possible it was luck everyone got a box. It just seems odd that no one is getting a box now.
  2. The issue here is that before the update last Wednesday, when you crafted the Fine Tahabata Box, and opened it. You got: x1 Tahabata Mark x1 Fading Tahabata Mark x1 Either an Anuhart Armor box OR Anuhart Weapon box This was confirmed by 10 of us that crafted the box. It also said in the description last week that you would receive the Anuhart boxes. (Unfortunately no screenshot). We ALL received some sort of box last week, and now this week the box description has been updated and our entire group got no box and only marks.
  3. Can confirm no rewards yet... Also the Server First page hasn't been updated to reflect placements.
  4. Thank you so much for the timely response, hope to see more of this!!
  5. Just checking in to see when we can expect to receive these items...
  6. @KibbelzIt's Wednesday and still no rewards for the event. Is there any updates?
  7. I think we can all agree we love getting cosmetics, I believe where the frustration comes from is the inconsistency of the pass rewards. The rewards given to us feel as if they were given with no thought to the state of the server currently. NTC scroll and coins on first pass were great, as it genuinely benefited everyone. I don't believe anyone would disagree, but come this season pass and we get a NTC reset scroll when the majority of the player base is endgame and practically begging for 1.5 and new content? Doesn't really make sense given the high price of the pass, as most of us would
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