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  1. Well I was able run Shugo console and play normally. But the Shugo console is not working anymore. Btw there is no difference in my fps or ping. Same thing. Not bad at all but still crying hahaha
  2. Is the maintenance over? I'll check if I can use shugo console and rainmeter.
  3. I use programs like Shugo console (since I have a low performance machine and it improves my fps) and also DPS rainmeter. They are useful, secure and they don't do any hacking/boting stuff. Will I be able to still use them? Or this Xigncode will give ban to nonsense things and keep the [removed] people unpunished?
  4. Hi again o/ Kaisinel, Marchutan, Vaizel, Lumiel, Triniel, Nezekan, Yustiel, Zikel, Azphel, Ariel, Israphel and Siel were already used as server names. All the 12, so unfortunately no empyrean Lords in server names lol. Btw, except for Siel and Israphel, they are faction specific. So the best suggestions imo are Dragon Lords or places names. I liked Katalam and Danaria, but there are people complaining about these places no longer exist in game. This will be confusing for players who left before 4.8 and wants to come back. I dont see this as a big problem lol, we should wait for
  5. Katalam and Danaria are OP names. Btw all the Empyrean Lords names were already used, plus Fregion, Tiamat and Meslamtaeda. So if u guys want names of the big guys, I suggest our Dragon ladies Ereshkigal and Apsu.
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