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  1. I agree, that's why I'm telling you to boycott instead of complaining. I don't know how you did understand this. I just keep on saying that THIS POST isn't the place to complain about management. If you want to complain, do it where it's appropriate. And as I said, you have power : Stop paying / playing. If negotiation doesn't work, act will.
  2. Just to make things clear, I'm not a staff member, just another player. So if some of aspect of the game are issues, I can't do anything. What I'm telling you is, first that you aren't in the good post to complain about game policy, second that complaining about a policy isn't easily solvable. Boycotting a game is one of the best solution to change a policy. If no one play a game, staff will think about "hey, what goes wrong?". If everyone keep on playing, they might just say "Shut your nyerk up, keep on giving money." I'm not even proud of NCsoft or anything, as I'm from Europe, and Aion
  3. That's an interesting story, but it's not the point here, but I'll still answer : First, Aion always have been a P2W. Remember people purchasing enchanting stone, enchanting safety, or (in europe at least) selling gold pack for kinah. Yet, that's not because you CAN purchase everything that you MUST do it. I was top 50 on Urtem (EU) during 4.0-7 without paying more than the initial cost for subscription. That's why they're doing a battle pass, to have some money to entertain the server. Until the "high deava" system (4.8), there wasn't much issue with omega stone (If you ever tried
  4. For people saying "It's just copy paste from what was 12 years ago". If you just past what was the original 1.5, you'll get the same bug as there were at this time. So you need to take in account every bugs that have been fixed later. Also remember that classic own some 2.7 adjustment, so there's a need to adapt those into 1.5. Also, you need to update the code. It was 12yo ago. Aion wasn't an optimized game (if you played during 4.X, remember Prades siege with 2fps), so it needs improvement, and classic is the perfect solution for it. Remember as well that code was running on 32bits
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