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  1. If that were true, elyos on siel wouldn't get instant pop dredges - which they do.
  2. Don't know how it went on other sides, but for elyos siels - one guy took all the enchantment stones. Then, the bundle you get after opening the chest at the end gave 50% of the people absolutely nothing. It was just empty. Super awesome event...
  3. ahhh I see that they updated it. Originally everything said it would be given out yesterday.
  4. Should we be worried that we didn't get the rewards?
  5. The shugo isn't even in the game to give the quest so I doubt it
  6. 1) Flight buff that doesn't buff 2) Dinosaur that isn't killable in a time frame for event 3) 1.5 2 months after it should have come out Two failed events in a row and no new content. If you want the game to die, just close the servers!
  7. Subscription cancelled! On to the next game!
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