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  1. I can agree on some of your points. What I cant agree on is this will not give people the urge to make an account and be level 50 for both of you to get rewards in what was it... 32 days? They need to come out with a REAL event that urges people to get come back and get grinding. AP 30% event, 300% Exp Event. Things like these would bring back a lot of players. Not some Refer a Friend where the person referring gets 3 admin boons or whatever.
  2. What is this disgusting event you throw at us? A dead game that has rubbish event rewards with this. The rewards are underwhelming when the other player needs to hit 50 within a month? With no exp event, no value of scrolls (Besides the 60 you throw at them)
  3. They clearly dont care for the players, isnt that right @Kibbelz
  4. No event? Nice game NCShiz always keeping us on our toes!
  5. Just revert the Commanders/Gate HP Pool back to normal. This is a dead game. You putting stats from Korea to NA isnt going to work anymore.
  6. Why are you giving IS events... just merge the servers... you act like the game isnt dead when it is.
  7. Merge servers thanks. Game is dead as hell. Would like more pvp and pve thanks.
  8. Kibblez you see this? Get your game together. thanks.
  9. Yeah, if they were aware we would already have 1.5 content... not this garbage stuff we've seen for 3 months nearly.
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