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  1. Negative. Anyone I dive bomb and Sulfur of pick off around the fort are almost always reds. If I kill a pink, it's just once for my list and then I move on. I don't grief regular pinks (which means repeatedly killing them over and over again). The only pinks I grief are twinks that get linked that actually grief ppl (Quez, Hoyol, Cherrypop, Pouch, Conejaa, Seduction, Hellyon, and others). Try again.
  2. I wish I had an AP trading group, then I might be in something OP and useful like e50, instead of this shabby e30 set even casuals can grind out (like me)
  3. So which is it then? He was selling the godstone itself, or a weapon with the godstone? SS's? How was it advertised?
  4. Teach me how to sell untradable Godstones 🙃
  5. Can't ban everyone is everyone AP trades together as a massive MMO community family. Then we can all be max geared and PvP without the excuse of "im not geared".
  6. Because Elyos don't do it as well, right?
  7. Do you know this for a fact? Or are you guessing because of hearsay? jw
  8. I've added a fan art page, check it out: https://www.no1canwinme.com/fan-art.html
  9. https://www.no1canwinme.com/plz-stahp-hax.html Over 800 names. Need more videos of hackers.
  10. Over 750 names now. New content on the Wall of Salt and Wall of Hacks ❤️
  11. Let's meet up for a 1v1 instead of a zerg . idc if I lose ❤️
  12. way too many people for that lol
  13. Passed 500 kills last night. Also finally set up Nvidia Shadowplay to catch hackers. Got my first one today. https://www.no1canwinme.com/plz-stahp-hax.html
  14. The entire game is mostly a PvP zone, sorry.
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