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  1. this is implying you have been adjusting siege HP values multiple times....which is a lie.
  2. This is not about the asmo being in power, there will always be a dominant faction.. Its about the bugged fort situation (different factions have different gate values, dredgion mobs giving KR AP values desgined for thousands of players, etc.) that has created a huge difference in the AP and Medal gains between the elyos and asmos, and the only ones that can do anything about the situation is NCSoft.
  3. Hello @Kibbelz Could you please be so kind as to let us know what you plan to do to lessen the gap between both the medals and AP gained from the current fort situation. As it is currently the Siel Asmodians have been able to farm the bugged dredgion mobs at both Kysis and Krotan for months now that have "adjusted" stats for NA, but are giving out the KR value in AP. Not to mention that Kysis and Krotan are the only upper forts that can be defended currently and allow for the asmodian faction to free farm the dredgion spawns for massive AP and medal gains. As I also understand, there is a mo
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