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  1. F'in Fail

    called a suggestion box...not listen to your bs box yea thats a great answer cus making 8m out of my 12m is reasonable
  2. F'in Fail

    i just sold an item on broker for 12m and only made 10m after tax and other bs. then just to give my other toon the money it needed, i lost another 2m cus i needed 10m on that toon and ended up with only 8m kinah...give us our ability to trade kinah or at least put it in our account warehouses back. this is the most laziest and broken system ever. not to mention i've lost items that i needed on other toons cus you cant trade items but only broker them to yourself. ive lost 400+ legendary guiding stones to broker snipers sniping my items trying to sell them to myself cus you cant trade crap in this game anymore. this is by far the most broken system you guys have ever initiated since beta. not to even mention the idea cus everything is character bound you cant really make any kinah in the game, the map is too small and too short to do anything except sit and wait almost a week just to do the same crap weeklys repeatedly, AND nothin in item mall is worth a crap worth spending my hard earned real life money on.