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  1. and what about Candy Stations is it just lying to all of us, please respond @Kibbelz
  2. I agree, there is no justice for free players, I hope in this event you can get what all players want, such as getting legendary transformations to combine into ultimate transformations etc. it's just that all player requests will not be granted, it's beyond expectations. hopefully @Kibbelz can be heard the complaints or wishes of all players
  3. are complaints like this just being ignored I didn't expect that none of the 8 [BCM] Special Harvest Revel Transformation Contracts (66 types) were above Normal Transformation.
  4. when will the flower event to find transformation contact be held again ?
  5. maybe it can help players to be more enthusiastic about playing, especially new players
  6. when is there another Flower event to find the Transformation Contract kapan ada acara Bunga lain untuk menemukan Kontrak Transformasi ? Realy i Need Event flower again or can selling ultimate transformation contar NCSoft coin
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