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  1. Create an event server for a month

    More importantly, can we get some kind of vote ban system added to the forums? To prevent people from posting.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 3, 2019

    https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/6.0_Update_-_Enchanting_Rates Have a look at the enchantment rates on ultimate gear, that page shows the 6.2 rates and 6.5 rates.
  3. What to do after lvl 68+?

    Get some 100% amulets and then get into a group for Theo / Adma / DL, they are 3 man instances in the new patch and very easy to do, your gear is plenty sufficient for them. The end boss in these instances gives ~700mil exp per run ( with 100% amulet ), more with stars or repose. If you don't have any 100% amulets left then level up a new character to 9 and get some. In the first village there is an event quest you can get as soon as you get to the village ( move to standard server ) that gives you 3 amulets, you can get the amulets right away but you need level up and do the ascension question to be able to put it in your account warehouse so your main can get them. With the current event you get an OP weapon at level 1 along with scrolls, so it takes like 10-15 min max.