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  1. Hi guys, im a bit confused. Some people say telepathy Gen and Anuhart Drops the elite anuhart dagger and some people that calindi Drops it. The Dirk dropped at calindi but where the dagger now? Thx for help!
  2. Hu guys, someone got a tip for me how to Farm Blue Balaur Scale? Thx
  3. Hey guys, i need to go to Abyss - Eye into the Rift>>> Kill 50 Mobs >>> Kill the Boss >>> Activate the Artifact.... Now the problem is, if i activate the artifact i get Send-Log and the Game crashes. Someone knows something about that?
  4. I ask in preperation for 1.5.
  5. Hey guys, Wich set is better, miraju or anuhart? Thank you for anwers!
  6. Hey, guys! Just a question wich job is the cheapest or/and fastest to Level up to 449? Thanks for Help!
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