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  1. Help: Black screen flashing when playing

    I updated through the website, the last update available was on the 12nd. I'll try checking if I'm missing any motherboard drivers or something, cause I changed the computer to Windows when I first got it. Thank you, I'll see how it goes.
  2. Help: Black screen flashing when playing

    I did update the graphics card to latest available, I've tested other games like Tera and EOS and both seem to work fine for me, FPS and screen wise, only Aion is having that issue. Could that still be cause of the graphics card? Do you think reinstalling Windows and doing a fresh graphics install could help in any way? (althought it hasn't even been a month since I got this)
  3. Help: Black screen flashing when playing

    Video showing it: Also, the issue goes as far as even if I just target a chanter or someone using skills fast, my screen will flash
  4. Hello, I've been having this issue after I changed from a laptop to a desktop. Whenever I'm playing, I'm having some weird black flashing screen from time to time when using skills. It mostly happens on my chanter, since I can use skills faster without CDs. On my cleric which I'm healing most of the time it doesn't happen as often, but the issue makes my chanter almost unplayable from how often it happens. Last thing support asked me to do was to try running the game in different resolutions, after setting to lowest available which was 1024 x 768 the issue seemed to have been fixed, I didn't get any black flashing while playing. I kept going up, switching settings and resolutions and noticed by the time I get to 900p, it happened only once. At 1050p the issue just gets worse, which makes me think something about the screen size is making it worse. The FPS change didn't seem that much, so I don't think that could be the issue. Also, when the screen goes black, only Aion goes (I know cause I mostly play in windowed mode), UI still shows, but the game itself flashes black. My graphic cards is up to date, last update being 1 week ago. I'm not very good with computers, so I'd appreciate a not so technical language. I'm using the AMD Ryzen 3 2200 with integrated Vega 8 Graphics; 8GB ram; Windows 10 64-bit. (if you need other specific info let me know)
  5. Will there be any event that gives us Minium?

    Well... Its still very low amount.. A rank minions require 500 minium I believe?
  6. Just wondering, because Invasion gives only 2 Minium (per week), and SFT very rarely gave Minium from rewards. I know that there's that luna thing but I'm not feeling like paying to get some Minium.