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  1. Missing opportunities with this game left and right
  2. Ya that's fair, and honestly if people had done that since the beginning...
  3. Ya I agree with all of that honestly. I guess I just don't like the defeatest attitude toward it but that doesn't change anything, and it's being aware of the reality of things. Mostly though, like I said, that's because the korean model is succesful and it clearly takes minimal work in NA to keep the servers up.
  4. Which is why Aion will always continue to have subpar service and lackluster content. I loved Aion as much as anyone, I've loved it since open beta, and I realize this is subjective but the numebers also tell it like it is... and my heart has woken up. It doesn't have to be communism, and that's not even a discussion that I want to derail this into... but it is that attitude that keeps Aion going in the direction it is instead of hitting ncsoft in the wallet and waking them up. But the money will keep flowing, so that won't happen... especially since the korean model is succseful, whic
  5. You're very short sighted. They could easily continue to gain revenue by revamping or improving their shop/skin/conveinance game. How do you think the original Aion survived? There's always an answer, and cutting people down like that with no real input seems to be something you're very good at.
  6. And that's how corporate greed and subpar service survives.. capitalism at it's finest.
  7. ... Obviously I meant in NA. NA is the perfect example... because we're playing in NA...
  8. They just launched a new fresh AAU server today that was over loaded with players. First month is free, and under a new handler iirc. Not sure how recent that last part is. Nothing is as dead as Aion anyway
  9. It's pretty darn close and ncsoft needs to know it
  10. I mean, what other instances do you really -need-, especially for items that kinah can otherwise buy, which overall explains why people mostly do sell runs? At least on SL, which I know isn't IS, I see SR, DC, Tlabs and DP active. Unless you mean for levleing purposes which right now with the XP event it's better to simply solo/duo elites. I even see FT active a lot but I ankowledge that's SL and not IS. Not to say the population isn't terrible or the content as is is fun... simply that there's a reason people are obsessed with Kinah and only run those instanc
  11. Perception doesn't really rate things as equal for everyone as you're kind of making it sound like. I'm willing to be more people feel the way we do than you do. And besides, the game can be "fun", but at the same time it's on hardcore drought mode and the fun is diminishing quickly. And just because they quit doesn't mean they don't -wanna- play the game, or don't wanna have reasons to come back and play, or don't care about it. People definitely wanna go to siege... if it wasn't such a s-show. I'm willing to be most people have PC's today that can arguably handle sieges too. I feel
  12. It's probably still sitting unread in someone's inbox
  13. the only kind of program jake uses is a script to use 30 tempering solutions that all fail hi buddy
  14. $10 says next year if at all. Probably spring. Doubtful.
  15. Yeah, and I guess it doesn't really matter how much we voice our opinions or suggestions here either, which really sucks.
  16. Some of you may have played !aion, where there was a map with a skill recharger where you could do and duel pretty much endlessly. I would love something like that in Aion, in a mutual faction area so there's no AP loss/ Gain, just for people who don't want to sit and wait for CD's and can just duel and duel and duel. I can't imagine it being too hard to implement, though the one concern I have is resetting skills and then going back out into OW. There would need to be a way to stop that from happening, maybe a limited cooldown on entering the area again once you've left or something..
  17. A sub should provide quality content and quality service, like other games that give good examples of subscription based or subscription optional, like FF and ESO. Obviously those are made by much larger companies, I concede to that. If the reasons to defend a sub are the absence of pay 2 win, or that the game won't have enough revenue, then we are simply being held hostage. That isn't a "good" defense.
  18. Like, my largest gripe here is the ignorance that goes into the statements a lot of your are making. I'm not a fan of absolutes, they're vapid, and I'm not just trying to argue to be right. I admitted most twinks were probably griefers, I admitted the FTS had benefits, and that I also want to see the game populated, but I also gave first hand experiences and perceptions that do not allow black and white statements to thrive, because that's vapid thinking.
  19. I dunno, I enjoyed the faster pace, and I don't think any actual good players just spammed skills, that gives a false impression about the importance of using what skills when. What you're really referring to is a lack of a requirement to weave.
  20. All I've done is give you guys my and my friends and others I knew experience with it, in order to hopefully get rid of the blanket statement and absolute approach. I already said I conceded to some of your points and understood them. Again, I'm not sure if you guys are reading or not. We're both facing a lost cause here. Each of us wants to be right, but I want to be more realistic in terms of how the discussion is had. Not sure what's hard to get about that. In addition, I don't plan on having a twink and I didn't have a twink post 3.0. To be clear on where any addition
  21. Nah, it should be cheaper. We're already running DP enough with fail to drop to get that many marks. We shouldn't need to blow another 11 - 13 mil on the chance to get something we don't need or can't use. If it was a good proc rate on an eternal selection box sure, but it's not, and doesn't warrant spending that much kinah. It's nonsensical.
  22. Except that I used to be one who didn't do that, and didn't twink for that reason. I understand some did, probably even lots, but not all of them and none of my group did. It's these kind of blanket statements that discourage me from trying to talk to people; you just seem emotionally charged and not much more. That being said, I did end up leveling, and I did partake regularly in end game pvp for many years. I'd suggest removing your overflowing emotions before making ignorant posts that lack critical thinking. ITT: you guys just either arent reading or dont care to take someone else
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