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  1. Hi everyone, I'm writing this because i find the next thing interesting... Using Apsaranta Adventurer transf gives u 25% atk speed, also using Kerubiel set u get 0.9 aps, while using different transformations like Kromede, that gives u 45%atk speed(20% more) or Mastarius 35%atk speed(10% more), u get 1.0 aps... This is kinda curious, is it a bug or just a feature?? https://imgur.com/gallery/bDa9y1e
  2. Hi, when i'm using Kromede Legendary Transformation, my minion keeps buffing me with Transformation Scrolls, everytime i put on the auto-buff option with a Transformation Scroll... This happens to me with Kromede transformation, i have no idea if more transformations have the same issue. Also when i use kromede minion, every transformation is affected with the bug. U can reply it using the autobuff option and then use the kromede transformation, or using the kromede minium and using any transformation. Video Explication.
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