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  1. Therry-KT


    Worse is nowadays the bots are no longer for farm on the maps ... so listen to the decrease .... they are using it to make luna earning 10b a month! and selling kinah
  2. Funny that today these same people are complaining about what happened ... today they are suckling their egg in the legion together hand in hand! BR IS A JOKE JAJAJAJAJAJA
  3. you're just another egg sucker Kekw
  4. But I'm totally against any kind of cheating! but I'm not a fool! I don't want to waste hours of my life farm looking for ways while they just put the bots to make luna and do 10b a month! do you think that's fair? so don't give me sad stories because ... silly is the one who accepts this silently not any kind of punishment! and what is more ridiculous ... is that today any player can identify a vanilla !! and it is easier for me to be banned from this forum ... for telling truths, than SOMEONE USING CHEAT NO AION USING TRADE BOT USING BOT TO MAKE LUNA AND SELL KINAH!
  5. Vamos ver o seu rosto quando você for exposto quando estiver com as impressões e conversas que eu salvei durante o evento, se você mostrar uma de suas opiniões e clareza passando por kinah pelo trade bot hahahah !!! ESTOU AQUI PROCURANDO UM MEME PARA ISSO HAHAHA I will not post in forum ... I will post elsewhere forum IN THE AION IS A JOKE
  6. kid talk to my hand she will give you the attention you want
  7. kkkkkkkk I don't need to prove anything to you boy I'm here eating my ice cream! kiss the light
  8. você não sabe o que é falar em códigos? LOL 0,0000000000000000001 IQ I understood perfectly what you told me !!! You did not understand what I said
  9. ST suc eg .... PLS Set up an alliance .. and go try to see if the elyos themselves don't call the asmo to end their alliance, don't be innocent kid
  10. sorry are you innocent? who needs to pay today ?? LOL CAMP LUNARES HAVE YOU HEARD TALK? did you understand the lines? kkkkkk you only need 10 lv 10 accounts to be RICH
  11. Obrigado pela exclamação GM não foi capaz de tal feito .... de qualquer maneira ... este jogo do jeito que está .... é uma questão de tempo até o fim .... porque eu também serei um dos o DEUS se é que você me entende kkkkkkkkk because of the ban, banning tomorrow 2 days ago !! I have a lot of accounts .... they are preparing to reign in the lunar fields. Do you understand? KKKKKK
  12. you must be from another planet where i said you are against the rules or something ... wake up kid! by the population there is no reason to have an event like this ... this will only make people stop playing because they do not have access ... pay more attention before commenting .... not to throw coconut at people through the mouth Kekw this interferes with the experience of other players .... for not being able to participate in the event .... understand? do you want me to draw if it was too much for you? OK ? kid ... i'm equipped i have sovering full + 15 missing 2 pieces tha
  13. I want to make it clear that .... mastering a great interest in the game ... is valid !! more in the state of aion today ... the population of aion today IS NOT THE SAME AS BEFORE THERE IS NO HOW TO CREATE ALLIANCES TO COMPETE FOR INTERESTS! UNDERSTAND OR DO I NEED TO DRAW? IF YOU CANNOT COMPETE SOON IT IS UNFAIR WITH THE COMMUNITY ... THEY WERE ABLE TO DO THIS EVENT IN MANY WAYS ....
  14. you are probably one of the legions that came to defend your males the question here is not who can or cannot compete the question is to be free for everyone ... don't come here to defend your kids Kek the question that is an event that little will have access by monopoly of legions ... legions cannot influence monopolize global interests as world boss .... we clearly know about the treaty that existed between Elyos and asmo ... little friends holding hands doing picnic in the park!
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