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  1. Trade broker listing fees and commissions in 6.2

    I attribute this to the success of World of Warcraft. WoW is the leader in this segment with high brokerage commissions and toons that look like dragons. Aion has been unique due to low brokerage commissions (extremely low for items that don't sell -- which encourages listings to figure out a good price) and toons that look like real people. Cynically, NCSOFT has identified the biggest baddest competitor and is going to compete against them head on in order to capture the market. This is a shame. I don't think they'll succeed.
  2. how do i install aion on D:\

    Here is a process that (a) lets you move to a different location, even on a different machine, (b) avoids more than a couple minutes of downloading, and (c) avoids registry edits. The problem is that the main Aion directory under "program files (x86)\..." is around 50 GB (gigabytes) and takes a long time to download. The launcher is immaterial. 1. Find an up-to-date "Aion" directory on either the C drive or a different machine. If it is on a different machine, copy it onto a USB storage medium, like an external hard drive or a big USB flash drive. 2. Start a fresh install of Aion. When it asks for a directory, it will specify a path like "C:\program files (x86)..." Change the C: to D: by editing the string; the download process will create the other directories in the path when it starts to download. Let it download run for a few minutes, in particular, let it update the launcher and install DirectX. Abort the download after it starts a multi-gigabyte download step. 3. Rename the directory Aion that has just started downloading to Aion.x. 4. Place your 50 GB "Aion" directory right next to Aion.x with the original name Aion. 5. Starting the game now will use the Aion directory from the previous step. There will be no additional downloading. This process works between Windows 7 and Windows 10.
  3. Giving Grove 2018 Instance & Reward List

    You may call me strange, but I decided I'd collect as many nutrient bundles as I could on a couple accounts. This was because I was too busy with work to actually play, but I could set the toons up to stand still for hours in a rotatating sequence. Right now, I have 116 nutrient bundles on each of two accounts. This was from 5-6 toons each. I'll testify that there are all sorts of problems -- the times don't synchronize with my time zone and sometimes the "Remaining Qty" is wrong; I've even seen the time to the "Remaining Time" go to 40,000 hours or so -- but if there is a limit, it's above 116 nutrient bundles per account based on the time since the grove was started.
  4. Daevanion Quests gone?

    I ran into this issue a few months ago, concluding at the time that the quests were still there but the value of the armor and weapon were being reduced by NCSOFT policy. I recall seeing players years ago with +10 enchanted Daevanian armor with the highest manastones applicable to the class. I though it was cool at the time. So I decided to get a set for some characters that I'd ignored for some time. What I discovered is that the gear did not have manastone slots and couldn't be enchanted. I found this peculiar, so I looked at some gear I'd collected years ago and found that it was still socketed with manastones. My conclusion is that NCSOFT is removing the ability to enchant or add manastones to this gear, but that previous enchantment and manastones stick around. I don't understand NCSOFT's strategy here.
  5. Cannot regist Xingecode Module

    There were some major exploits discovered around the first of the year which are causing a lot of disruption across the industry, so I think we should show some patience. I have two AMD-based machines that respond to turning off the "Windows Defender Security Center" features as described. However, I can also leave CFG, "mandatory ALSR," and heap (the last one) turned on. NCSOFT may have a way to address this with program-specific settings. It would be helpful if a community manager would check in and tell us they're aware of this.
  6. Patch Notes Discussion

    Yes, leveling to 66+ addresses the issue. However, Atreian passport seems like a new player feature.
  7. There have been bugs for a year or more in the Atreian passport and Event interfaces: Noting that I am in US Mountain Standard Time, the new item appears when the countdown clock says 8 hours to go. Furthermore, there are times when I select a new character and the countdown time is "-". If you have an account where the highest character is <L66, then Atreian passport will function up until the last day of the month where the armor box appears. This last reward cannot be retrieved due to unavailability of a L66+ character, stopping Atreian passport forever (or until a character is leveled to L66). This seems like a logic error, Atreian passport seems like a newbie feature. I have not figured out how to get anniversary box. I have several accounts, some created in the same month in a past year. I've clicked on the box in all sorts of ways using an L66+ character, but nothing happens. The Event interface has a more complex bug related to time. When I connect to a character for the first time in a while (like on a new day), the interface comes up without the daily loot, just the prestige coins. However, the daily loot appears if I go to character selection and immediately reconnect.
  8. Patch Notes Discussion

    I noticed that the Atrium Passport was updated. Here's my issue. I have a couple accounts where the highest character is <66. This means these accounts can get up to the last item, a 66+ armor box, but you can't collect it. So you're stuck on the last item forever, or until you level a character to 66. I look at this and shake my head. Some developer spent a lot of time redesigning the interface and changing the rewards list, but apparently never thought about the logic.
  9. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    I'm pleased that the server moves I set up last week went through without a hitch this morning. I was also able to set up some moves, including to Siel, today. If these go through plus another week and I may have server conflicts resolved for the fall merger.
  10. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    I have never seen server merges work as advertised. Responding to Nyinu-KR, the message says that after the merge, race conflicts will be allowed for a few weeks and there will be free transfers. It doesn't say you'll be able to move a character onto a server that already has a character of the opposite race (at least I can't find it; tell me if I missed something). With characters (like alts) under L25 unable to transfer and the probability that one or both servers for an account will have both races, I think there will be a lot of users that get unresolvable race conflicts. Having played the game since the beginning, the way they've resolved this is to extend the several-week period to infinity. So for example, I've had both races on a couple servers since the first merge about a year after launch -- 2012 or something. So "a couple weeks" is currently 5 years and growing. If I had to make a suggestion, I'd say they should just officially let you have both races on a server. Just allow mixed race transfers and officially let them play forever. I suppose there is some loss of game integrity if you can spy on the other race. In the days of paid accounts, it cost you a few dollars per month to do that, because you'd need two accounts. Now with free accounts, you just make another account. In the last couple months, the race conflict has been one of the top issues (along with houses) that is consuming everybody's mindshare.
  11. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    Cheesecake: I've been with Aion for two previous server reconfigurations. If this one goes like the previous ones, the quota to transfer to the most popular server will always fill up with players wanting to move for better game play, leaving players with race conflicts just as they are. In the past, these race conflicts persisted into the "grace period" where servers tolerate both races, but the "grace period" never ends. As I mentioned in a post a couple days ago, we are still in the "grace period" for the first server reconfiguration over five years ago.
  12. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    Hmm another problem. Two of my accounts come up allowing only transfer to Israphel. In step 1, there's a line saying which servers you can transfer to. For two accounts it says both races can only transfer to Israphel, for other accounts it says all five servers. According to the instructions, both are wrong.
  13. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    Hmm. More restricted than appropriate. I have an Asmo alt on Siel and a Elyos alt on Israphel. Both are frozen in place because each can only transfer to the other server and it has a character of the opposite race. I the remaining 6 Amos are on Tiamat. So I either have to manually transfer six to Siel or take my chances with automatic transfer. Good intent, but doesn't work reliably.