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  1. dude, she's been total cheddar but you forcing her to go straight up Limburger on your ass .... lmao
  2. im having a blast lol. like seriously this is the most fun i have had in a long time. love this patch
  3. you guys are all over the map ffs @Cyan and NCWest have no obligation to discuss any of this. And i hope they don't. They are a private company and no company should let its consumers dictate what it does or how it operates.That's like business 101. I feel there should be no gm presence whatsoever. none. They run the game. They dont need an avatar. That is what private servers do. A lot of you act like your point of view is the end all be all, but it's not. It's their game, not yours. Choose to live in it or gtfo. Nope. You can't do that. you have to nyerk and complain and
  4. you can get plain 1 drawer cabinets from furniture vendor. the problem i am having is the crafted ones you cant get anymore. i made a couple extras but when update first landed it made some of mine immediately expired. the ones that had items that were requiring a change. so my inventories in them are now just lost.
  5. omfg you are arguing about pve p2w. lmfao. P2w is concerning pvp. Omg the mobs are too strong. Mobs are p2w!! ffs
  6. how long did it even last? i didnt keep track
  7. @Kailor-DN your ability to exaggerate is beyond amazing. like wow.
  8. @mooMOOMooMoomoo-KT haters gonna hate. you just keep doing you. there are a lot of us who appreciate it.
  9. i know the game is pretty and it did lose alot of depth w/ the current patch. but omg .... aion is a pvp game. they developed it that way on purpose. it is not and has never been pve focused. ever sorry. this is getting old.
  10. everyone has raised some good points but the reality is we live in the age of voice chat. alot of the time if i dont hear the whisper notification i wont even look at the chat box. People always assume they are being ignored when actually they aren't. Discord. Get it. So you dont have to focus on typing/reading.
  11. its thursday night and Lakrum siege just got over. if your eyes were open then there is nothing i need to say ... beyond obvious. i would like to add that just because i see a huge imbalance, that doesn't mean that i think elyos need incentives or buffs. last thing i want is a handicap.
  12. numbers do not equate to participation. The first siege i would say it was too difficult to tell which side had the larger force. Probably for the second siege too. But 10 minutes in to the 3rd or the 4th you could see the difference. The pov for cleric, that's me, is slightly different. Whether we were on the right gate, the left gate, or knocking at the front i could see a little skirmish and then they would drop down from the wall. I could see the elyos getting overran almost instantly. Is the problem that asmos have more numbers or that he elyos bail after 1 or 2 trips to the kisk ...
  13. did my two runs yesterday, i got 7 boxes on the first and 6 on the second. the first week i actually had 2 runs w/ 0 boxes. Everyone always whines nerf. 'I did so terribly it has to be nerf!' lmao
  14. Cabinets w/ expiration dates. Is there any chance they will be made permanent or purchasable? if not then .... ouch.
  15. so many of you complained so much and so long about getting no information from NC. Now, after receiving the information, you insult them, the game and complain even more. i just have to think that you all are leading happy wonderful lives and bring such joy to those around you. @Hime Thank you.
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