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  1. Lato Asmo c'è qualche italiano/a?
  2. I read only today this reply. Ty, is very clear.
  3. I wanna set up a shiled for better supporting my group at instance's bosses (where chanter is asked to full support group). Have 2 question about shield: 1) how to socket? HP, Block or Magic resist? 2) I'm confused about the Damage reduction stats. What is applied to ? All damage (phisical/Magic) ?
  4. Elyos spirits? Do you mean the one in desert garrison on the way for fortress of sorrow?
  5. And about Defence stats: Better to socket Parry or HP? (I foud that Parry has a double effect for chanter: Defence + Trigger skills like parry strike or splash swing etc..)
  6. First of all thank you for so detailed advices.. thank you really. However i have been surprised to understand that attack mana affects only normal attack hits (you really mean "only autoattack"?) Phisical skills like "hallowed strike" or "meteor strike" are not boosted by attack stat? Then what about extendable weapons? Are only usefull for pvp or also in pve helps? What are nice extendable staffs available in current patch?
  7. Hi all, i'm new to aion and i'm about to cap my chanter lv but i'm not sure about some set up details and my party role. First i'm actually focusing on PVE for gear so all quest ion are related to maximize pve dps What manastone/stats are best for dps pve? Attack/Critck? About weapon i suppose to look for an attack speed only weapn and no need casting speed. In defence i'm stacking on parry but i'm not sure if hp mana are most effective in pve or are better for pvp. What's best role in instance party group? better to focus in balancing buffs/mantra/extra heal for group o
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