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  1. When I crashed it was always a game.dll failure.
  2. It is a game issue, that's why they have rules and they adjust to player behavior. Humans will always seek the most efficient path and its up to the developer to curtail player behavior. Think about MTG, POE, Star Craft, CIV, Source engine games and other well managed games, they are constantly adjusting their rules and actively enforce them. Something to remember is that Korea plays this game mostly at PC centers where afking costs them money and is impractical. In the west we play at home so afking costs us nothing and we can easily multi-box. NCSOFT ins't writing rules that takes into acco
  3. I'm curious, of the 330k used roughly how many were purchased?
  4. It not just the military that wants privacy, remember this is tax season so there are financial documents on people's PC.
  5. Damn it Yeah like I thought, any cheater worth their salt will bypass this. Gameguard and its ilk are useless. Furthermore, the software sends information to a remote sever as it scans. Where is this information going and to who?
  6. Why do they need to know what I do? Besides, the code remains and the service runs even if you uninstall the game, just like we found it with Street Fighter 5 and the people who played Black Desert Online. Finally, any of the cheat writers know how to code, they'll bypass it and still cheat and the rest of us get screwed as usual.
  7. I did some research on other games, in this case Black Desert Online, that use this software and essentially it appears to be very invasive. I remember when Capcom tried to implement anti-cheat using a rootkit in Street Fighter 5 on the PC and the community threw a fit and the backed down. A damning quotes from the link: I'm at work but to anyone who started playing after the patch please verify this.
  8. I think its mostly old skins, mounts, and pets. I've noticed a lot of the new stuff is from events/luna, assuming they are not seasonal items. Originally you couldn't buy manastones, wrapping scrolls, enchantment powder, and other power purchases. I assume they were added over time as the population dwindled, hell I haven't and advertisement for for Aion on the Internet and at the same time I would not recommend this game to any of my friends.
  9. The joker's wild event? The most common reward was spinal coins, if they announced the losers instead of the winner chat would be flooded with that announcement, the real money was in selling all of the royal flushes for 40-45m which is what I did. Regardless, I agree 75 gear is far-fetched and would still gear their asses handed to them. But since they're so shocked by the funding they received why not ask for a lot? More realistically, maybe more soulstones since they nerfed that for some reason, level reduction stones, and omegas. Things you can't farm outside of instances. Oh, and just b
  10. Get your pitchforks, tar, and feathers out. Considering this inevitably drove a deeper wedge between the have and have not why not have people who didn't participate receive a gear set like harvester/lvl 75 pvp? This could be one of the rare moments where trickle down economics works. 3x exp wont help them if they are fighting people with +7 pvp accessories, +20 gear, and +9 stigma sets. And yes I did participate, I +10 all of my essence cores because they are not character specific and can be shared among my toons.
  11. 6. Wait for 6.0, if you take too long to reach cap you'll lose everything. When it hit is will invalidate all of your gear, skills, maps, etc. You have about 6 months to a year.
  12. Meh I missed the /s . But yeah this is a cash grab event, the people who can participate are people who can afford the initial cost, take the risk, and absorb the inevitable losses. New and casual players will be left in the dust. It is what it is.
  13. That was a bug caused the returning davea event, that picture is invalid. Before that I rarely say green leafs, the returning daeva icon, or spoke with someone who truly new the game and not just a old account that took a break.
  14. No, they promote themselves. I'm certain they've already seen them by the time they got to the capital city. They are eternal, though NCSOFT did a great job by reduce their numbers significantly. I'm genuinely curious since businesses set up shop where there are customers.
  15. Yeah its $15 per month but I think you log into your NCSOFT account, click add subscription and follow the prompts to get it. IMHO the only valuable item in there is the instance entry boost pack which you can buy in-game for about 30m I think and a similar title is available in game called "Aterian protector" which you get from the campaigns. The bonus boxes still contain protectorate coins and the daily box still contains Ceramium Medal (1) according to the shop.
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