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  1. Luna instances are a great example of why this game is shit now, doing luna and fissure everyday is a chore and not many people have the patience. Both are solo instances (in a MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER ONLINE game) and neither require you to use your game knowledge or class knowledge since everything gets bubbled down into 4 skills. Why not just play mario if youre playing alone and only pressing 4 buttons? Now do it everyday. Twice. More if you want enchanted gear. They brought these instances in to make gearing and leveling easier, but they should have just lowered the amount of stones/exp
  2. No there is no internal MA on staff. Stop spamming general discussion section with garbage.
  3. can the 70 ap gear be purified into 75 ap gear later?
  4. That makes no sense, you bought a house for extremely cheap and got to reap the benefits of it for years, choking out the market for newer players and now you want a big payout for it the because your gravy train is ending? Be glad you got it for so cheap and had no soul sickness for years... So greedy..
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