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  1. I was looking for cabinets that I have not yet and found that I'm missing these two below. Are they from any event?
    icon_item_housing_dresser_fungus.png  Cute Fungus Cabinet
    icon_item_housing_dresser_shugo.png  Shugo Butler's Cabinet
    Besides, I already have these others, is there any missing? I need more space Q_Q

  2. @Azzmaria-KT Actually I know (but I can't see exactly how is it going - I'm not playing there, just watching streams, reading forums and databases, etc.). There are many points they shouldn't touch and I agree with you here. But I can see good things coming. Unfortunately 6.0 mistakes don't make me happier with 5.8.

    IMO, the ideal would be a simultaneous update and open test server. Opened information for everyone. This way we could give them feedback. Anyway 6.0 will come someday and we need be ready for good and bad things. 

    In addition, just the fact we live aion in past (always older patches from from korea) is enough to make our experience different cause we know our future. For me this is not a good thing for many reasons I will not point now.

  3. I think people want 6.0 because they have hope on changes. Hope for a better Aion. We know that 6.0 just deleted 90% of  5.0 and expansions. No one wants to waste time with sth will be removed soon. It's important to say this poll not only ask about 6.0, but about management too. Atm 86% (23 votes) are not satisfied with Aion. This is worrying.

  4. 1 hour ago, Ashtar-KT said:

    Really i think they need to get devs who actually play this game so they know know what the player base want and need. I know they try but they are so off base that they themselves are killing this game. It breaks my heart b/c I love this game so much that I hate seeing the way it's going now. With the 6.0 info that is coming out it's only going to get worse. They are taking away more things that players love. I really just don't know wtf they're thinking anymore.

    My friend and I was talking about it yesterday :/

  5. On 23/08/2017 at 8:04 PM, Magikarp-DN said:

    D) There's a small typo in the new Archdaeva wings Tiamut's Glimmering Archdaeva Wings. Our dragon lord's name is Tiamat, not Tiamut. Additionally, the morph recipes have a different typo when referring to the name of the crafted wings.
    - The affected items are:

    • Tiamut's Glimmering Archdaeva Wings [item: 187000199]
    • Morph Method: Tiamut's Glimmering Archdaeva Wings [item: 152222228]
    • Morph Method: Tiamut's Glimmering Archdaeva Wings [item: 152232132]


    I'm sad to say I reported this issue March 21, 2017 22:09 by ticket and they answered me to post through Aion NA Forums - Suggestion Box (Old forum). And happy to know they fixed it after a long time. Btw, I wanna know why does forum have more power than tickets?

  6. Fun fact: some people was organizing alliances to kill Auronos (drop: Provenance weapon) 3-4 times/week until the first Kromede's Revenge Event arrives (http://na.aiononline.com/en/news/events/02152017-kromedes-revenge-event.php  - Posted 02/14/2017 by Cyan). After this I have never seen an alliance being formed. As @5s25C407-DN told (in another situation): "cut out of content" by NCSoft. So smart, but no.

  7. On 19/11/2017 at 1:29 PM, Bryos-KT said:

    I think like only 5% of my TS runs (just to put an example) were for gear. All others were for sheer entertainment because that instance is naturally fun for me.

    Not going to point fingers, but I guess I am kind of guilty of doing so. :P We lose players because of people with Shaddock's mentality, because they just dont know any better. I have been saying this for years, and even to this day I am a firm believer that you make your own experience out of Aion, which is why I find it as a downright amazing game.

    You have a certain activity preferred over others? Focus on it. Filter what you like and do not like. Try out different stuff until you find something you enjoy doing. I guess if you dont like BoS as an instance, it is fair to think that for yourself. However, saying that running an instance for the sake of testing your mettle, having fun with friends, helping others or just liking the idea behind the instance is illogical, that is like living in denial (closest word I came up with, not sure if it truly shows my point).

    Well, I play this game since 2.1. I know what i'm talking about. I was deputy from 2 big legions and I run a lot of instances just to do it, farm,  helped my legion (really looooot of times doing it), whatever. Everything with my friends. At a certain moment we ran TSH and we used to pass items to those who needed it, this is the best example I was running the instance for fun. It was fun for a certain time. I didnt feel frustated any moment. Not for what I did. And any momment I was playing for others, was playing for me, naturally funny. But we need goals every new cap and if this goals are given for free they stop being it. Not only for me. Just do for doing can be fun for a while, not forever, if you have some goal there it can be fun. I already did everything in game: played with houses,craft, skins, intances, sieges, all I wanted. And this game need players. If everything its ok why are Aion losing players? Games are made for players. If players are satisfied game owners/adms will profit.

  8. On 16/11/2017 at 0:49 PM, Valedia-DN said:


    This is happening since 4.0. Indirectly. They are losing players since 4.0 too, because no one wants easy gear. Conquer your own gear is good. Play to get items is what make players playing the game but if they make things in game too hard and with cash too easy, people will just leave the game because they lose game goals. Lack of balance. For example if in this recent event you got Harverster set (best pve gear atm) why should you do BoS? If you got medals/ PVP pieces from event why should you do siege? If you dont need do pvp or pve anymore why should you play?

  9. The Stylist Mode would consist in merging several pieces in one single, skin-only item. For example, being able to merge all five pieces of an old Infinity Shard set that I have, turn them into one single piece, and use it as a normal skin over my current set.

    - The new skin-item will have information of all the pieces used to create it. It's only possible to merge five different pieces (i.e, it can only have one Tunic instead of two).

    - The "fusion" between the pieces can be undone with the help of some special item that can be either sold in the store (profit), given by event (customer satisfaction) or sold by a NPC (inflation control). By undoing the fusion, the player would recover all five pieces used.

    - The skin-only item cannot be recovered after being used as a skin over another set.

    This system would help with warehouse and inventory management, especially for players that enjoy keeping several sets for their appearance, since they occupy a lot of space.


    Credits to @vihsarys for helping me out with the text/ideas

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