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    just LOL. wanna know the history of my dizzing ambush ticket?? 1st ticket response: GM Barn. Hello, Thanks for taking the time to contact us with this report. We are currently aware of this issue and hope to have a fix implemented in an upcoming patch. (ofc they didnt fix it. so i sent another ticket asking wut happened) 2nd ticket response: GM Barn. Hello, Thank you for contacting us. Based on the investigation that was made by the QA and Devs, the current damage decrease of the skill Dizzying Ambush is intended. Unfortunately, the description of the skill hasn't been updated. I hope this clarifies your concern. Let us know if you have further questions. (ofc no explanation, so i asked for some reasons) 2nd ticket response update: GM Trakyoto. Hello, Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, the Game Support Team is not a part of the development process and is unable to comment on or answer questions about such aspects of the game like skill changes. However, we invite you to share your thoughts via the official forums. This is the best place to discuss your ideas with fellow players who can voice their feedback and suggestions. These can then be forwarded to the development team from there. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In other words: GO QQ ON FORUMS AND DO NOT MAKEME WORK AT SUPPORT DESK. (WORK: typing 5 mins to answer a ticket) ¡ BUT YEAH. MAKE A CHANT/GLAD/RANGER U'LL HAVE 2K PHY ATK SKILLS TOTALLY WORKING & OFC NOT NERFED ! the only question here is.. when the others nerfs arrive on NA ? @Cyan
  3. Can only use 32bit engine graphics?

    NCSoft > Aion > bin64 > Aion.bin modify it to Aion.bin.old . and then u'll run at 32bit
  4. there's any plans about merge / new servers ? @Hime