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  1. Clerig pvp - block or agility set??

    thats for u to decide, all the factors to the 2 sets is up there just factor in your own templar block skills vs other peoples acc
  2. u know if i could see my cute toon that i spent hours working on the face and with cute skins that i spend billions of kinah on (i even skin my earrings) instead of only being able to skin my weapon i would consider AT but this is barbie online and your arguments are invalid, i cant even tell the 1 AT from the next, line them all up and i'm looking at them like white people look at us Asians "basically all the same"
  3. balance means deleting everything and making everyone wear 2 white daggers and white armor set with no manastones/enchants and auto attack :^) 10/10 balanced all classes same potential
  4. Aion 6.0 - Truth or lie?

    i miss when 4.8 was coming out with a stigma rework cuz i rolled on eb stigmas ever since they came out and mailed them off to alts, i made bank from selling broken stigmas to npc it took me forever to even clear my stash lmao
  5. my glory days was i burned a glad xform in 2 chains of skills flat :^) but i mean overall i do wish my dp skills were better one does nothing since im mb/atkspeed capped, another does less than treble cleave and the third is a charge up for aoe that AT gets as a normal skill, it would be nice to receive some actual cool downs though cuz that was the main reason why gunners were so op ---> they had full cds to kill u with within like 1 minute of using them so it wouldn't break gunners that hard.
  6. as a gunner i wish i could 2k dp has hard as a sw can treble cleave FeelsBadMan on the sm part i think it would be nice to have it break on x damage taken so its like harder than sleep to break (instantly) but could take like say 10% of target's max hp as an example number even 20% is better than what it is now lol
  7. we've been over this, anti-hacker systems don't really work ur better off actually employing gms that login and ban people LUL (but this costs $$)
  8. Ring of Ancient Magic

    i think it only give u like 15 mr as well but yes its perminant
  9. Aion 6.0 - Truth or lie?

    btw yes contrary to the popular belief of their intention being to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment, the intention behind people making games is to take your money
  10. Aion 6.0 - Truth or lie?

    skipping 5.8 isn't as easy as "hey guys lets just go get that 6.0 patch", you have to think of it as, do u want 5.8 since its already done and coming January 10th or just have 5.5 til april/june. there's a whole process of translation and such ex manga can be translated in a day by fan subs but take forever to get a "proper" translation approved and other cultural issues (ex china didnt like WoW because it had skeletons, they patched that to replace tombstones then they didn't like undeads, obviously not a direct correlation but they still have to go through the legal procedures) as for 6.0, its not even released in Korea yet so as people are hyped up for it, we don't know what gets added that's p2w, more often than not f2p games have more content you can pay for as additions to the game as at the end of the day we have to remember the purpose they have for making the game is to make money, how does money come in if Korea is f2p and there's nothing worth it to spend on bcm? So atm with the info given to us from the company (obviously they're not going to show a new patch as the most p2w PoS ever made) it might sound good but we have to see the full release. for all we know we might not be able to "+20 gear" but maybe just maybe the next gear sets they make are so hard to purify that you basically have to buy mats. imagine f2p players only able to grind out the equiv of 70ap gear in any reasonable amount of time and p2w players are at equivalent of 80ap gear off the bat, both +15 its still a huge difference. also there's been no word of removing bracelets/plumes as of yet and they are certainly not removing your gear that you get from 5.8 it shows them being exchanged at +25 or higher for the new set of gear, when people say "our gear will be considerably less effective than new gear" that is so vague, DD set is "considerably less effective than new gear" yet people wear DD gear on glads/sins to beat end game content(until 5.5 which added pve def and pve damage but ik glads that run DD set in BoS still due to being too lazy to upgrade since its +15 composite socketed already), inb4 everyone needs a +25 set of current gear to even play with the new gear??? i would personally find that hilarious since i doubt ill get a +25 set of gear any time soon and a slap in the face for everyone going like "im quitting til 6.0".
  11. Clerig pvp - block or agility set??

    by there's more things that increase accuracy than block i mean things like word of instigation from having a support chanter , oath of accuracy for assasin and aiming for ranger granted not for all classes but some (or if they have a support chanter in party where as the only crit modifier ik of is from templar's courageous shield and chanters hit mantra which courageous shield increases crit and acc. so only hit mantra affects only agility set. http://aion.wikia.com/wiki/Word_of_Instigation http://aion.wikia.com/wiki/Oath_of_Accuracy_I http://aiondatabase.net/en/skill/1053/ http://aiondatabase.net/en/skill/3048/ http://aiondatabase.net/en/skill/1899/
  12. Clerig pvp - block or agility set??

    with new info requires new calculations using 290 strike fortitude as a base (what i got from full 75ap mythic including accs) also noticed a few inconsistencies in my post above for 1.8 crit multiplier weapons (bow,gs,pa,staff) block set vs attack (no accuracy) 75% damage reduced 50% chance = 37.5% overall reduction 1.8 - (290 * 9 / 10000) = Crit Multiplier 1.8 - .261 =1.539 50% cap crit rate therefore the weapon would do 1.2695x damage average block only reduces damage from crits base crit multiplier (1 * 0.625) * (1+ ((1.8 - (290 * 9 / 10000)) * 0.5) * 0.625) 0.625 * (1 + (1.539 * 0.5) * 0.625 0.625 * (1 + 0.1684375) 0.625 * 1.1684375 0.7302734375 therefore 73.02734375% damage taken on average 1.2695 - 0.7302734375 = 0.5392265625 so 53.92265625% reduction on average agility cap vs attack set = no crits base crit multiplier (1 * 1) * (1+ ((1.8 - (290 * 9 / 10000)) * 0) * 0.625) therefore 100% damage taken on average 1.2695 - 1 = 0.2695 so 26.95% damage reduced difference is 26.97265625% for 1.8x multiplier weapons for 2.3 crit multiplier weapons (dagger) block set vs attack (no accuracy) 75% damage reduced 50% chance = 37.5% overall reduction 2.3 - (290 * 9 / 10000) = Crit Multiplier 2.3 - .261 =2.039 50% cap crit rate therefore the weapon would do 1.5195x damage average block only reduces damage from crits base crit multiplier (1 * 0.625) * (1 + ((2.3 - (290 * 9 / 10000)) * 0.5) * 0.625) 0.625 * (1 + (1.039 * 0.5) * 0.625) 0.625 * (1 + 0.3246875) 0.8279296875 therefore 82.79296875% damage taken on average 1.5195 - 0.8279296875 =0.6915703125 so 69.15703125% damage reduced agility cap vs attack set = no crit base crit multiplier =(1 * 1) * (1+ (2.3 - (290 * 9 / 10000)) * 0) * 1) =1 * 1 therefore 100% damage taken on average 1.5195 - 1 = 0.5195 so 51.95% reduction so the difference in damage reduction is 17.20703125% for 2.3x multipler weapons block set vs attack (no accuracy) 75% damage reduced 50% chance = 37.5% overall reduction 2.2 - (290 * 9 / 10000) = Crit Multiplier 2.2 - .261 =1.939 50% cap crit rate therefore the weapon would do 1.4695x damage average block only reduces damage from crits base crit multiplier (1 * 0.625) * (1 + ((1.2 - (290 * 9 / 10000)) * 0.5) * 0.625) 0.625 * (1 + (0.939 *0.5) * 0.625) 0.625 * 1.2934375 0.8083984375 therefore 80.83984375% average damage taken 1.4695 - 0.83984375 0.62965625 so 66.11015625% damage reduced agility set vs attack set = no crits base crit multiplier (1 * 1) * (1 + ((1.2 - (290 * 9 / 10000)) * 0) * 1) therefore 100% damage taken 1.4695 - 1 0.4695 so 46.95% damage reduced on average difference is 19.16015625% damage reduction on average key points agility gives concentration vs the 1.8 weapons even though there's a huge 26.95% damage reduction difference you wont get rng knock down since no crits u can only get aether held and the 100% knockdowns skills so less ccs from physical classes more strike fortitude makes agility set slightly worse compared to block in terms of damage reduced than the difference shown here (Crit Weapon Modifier of Opponent - (Player Strike Fortitude * 9 / 10000) = Crit modifier for Opponent) clerics may do their own math with their own strike fortitude. agility gives parry (idk how relevant this would be for cleric) but if u account for parry with staff it would be 40% chance 40% reduced damage so 16% damage reduced on average at the cost of having a mace with heal boost on an agility set. so on swords the difference would be 3%, difference daggers 1%, and GS/Staff/PA/Bow 11% difference. block is easier to stack against since you only need to reach the threshold ex if you have 4k block and they have 4k acc its a dead stat but strike resist if they have 1.8k crit and you have 1.4k its not wasted, they will be hitting u with 400 crit instead of 1.4k crit + not many skills give crit as a stat vs things giving accuracy as a stat agility gives a more constant stream of damage to heal as opposed to a chance to block (can get NeverLucky RubberDucky and get hit by like 4 hits in a row at 6% chance of happening) which is arguably easier to heal if you can out heal it. hinotori also brought up a good point, SR set isn't primarily boundless, it can be in 75ap which gives silence/para resistance and extra pvp defense and pvp defense is more effective since it seems to work multiplicative with block ex if u have 20% pvp defense and they hit u with 100 damage you take 80 damage then if you block it u take 20 damage not 5 damage where as agility set you will always be taking 80 damage every hit of 100 dmg
  13. Clerig pvp - block or agility set??

    strike resist* not crit factor
  14. Clerig pvp - block or agility set??

    HP is nice but negligible against a good caster if your dps aren't focusing the caster in a grp of full physical dps + 1 magical that caster will kill a block cleric in 2 seconds flat (ive seen missile guides hit for 16k crits on block set clerics and its followed up by 4 instant cannon shots for about 4k average hit). the idea is u need to be swapping sets and watching your positioning (if their all melee and you're up top in idl, do u really need to be in sr/block set). the thing i don't like about hp is that its nice since you sponge up damage but it also sponges up heals( like a cleric healing an xform takes forever but also takes forever to burn ), its better to have damage reduction because taking 40%-60% less damage is 40%-60% less damage you have to heal as opposed to just 4k more hp to take damage that you can heal because it will require 4k more heals. about the precision set having a higher attack floor, SR set is still better than a block set against a precision set since the crit factor is a straight reduction to crit rate, so like if u have 1.4k strike resist and they have 1.7k crit they will be hitting u with 300 crit, where as if they match your block then block is completely a dead stat. its kinda like msup vs mr, MR is useless once u break even but if u have 4k msup and they have 6k mb it still does something rather than nothing right but what i mean is phy def is a flat reduction so in terms of which set is better, if you use the same armor set creates a more even base its easier to tell how the numbers add up, the power mixed socketing is up to how people want their gear :P. punching in numbers for new calculation from what mooo posted btw
  15. Clerig pvp - block or agility set??

    the 5% equates to about 3% reduction after crit is factored in, i figured physical defense gets into opponent's stats too much and using the same base armor you have about the same physical defense so i didn't bother including that in the calculation since its negligible in terms of calculating the difference