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  1. no i am not . i havent played for a really long time..just coming back to the game yes then is when i last played before real life took over in 2013/14.. I am sry to say that im not that temp that had that name..
  2. im looking for some older players from a legion called Secubus Calleum. hopefully this gets out there to them few if they are still playing aion.
  3. So let me this correct or try to understand the issues that i have seen since my return to the game. You as a whole have meaning the development team have decided to take the drops away and charge us $15.00 a month for a buff to play the game ,and without this buff u cant loot items or even quest items ..How ridiculious does that sound ?Pretty silly if u ask me .In the earlier days it was a monthly charge to play but we got our loot and was able to play. I see why people are concerned about things and worry ,there needs to be a happy medium if you want to gain more active people
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