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  1. Honestly one piece of 40e or 5 crowns really isn't anything, you can grind that in a day or two so it's not really game breaking. I've grinded out two pieces of 40e in the last week. If you logged in and claimed it then you really have no reason to complain either. It doesn't hurt to tell NC thanks for at least attempting to do something for the community but still stay on them about other things. What I find entertaining though is your track record of complaining on the forums. It's not really constructive half the time and half of what you complain about you actually do yourself so it'
  2. So GM Crown confirmed that there is no level requirements for this event and GM Ifrit told me today that they issued an investigation to the QA team and there would be a follow up on the bug, resolve and possible compensation. Now their track record on bug fix turn arounds isn't great. Why they can't publicly state that they are looking into these issues on the forums or doing some dev tracker status is beyond me, but just make sure to follow up with their team with constructive support tickets and stay on them.
  3. The brigade general presents event really is broken and there are no level restrictions to this event according to GM Crown. So @Kibbelz you may want to let the team know that this event has a fundamental issue with it. Has anybody under 45 been able to open the boxes on any other server? SL-Elyos I haven't heard of anybody under 45 opening a box. Sorry the "insert image from URL" is not working for this link. https://ibb.co/SK0bt0R
  4. So the NPC spawned, just not in one of the towns and by the time people got to him it was too late. I know somebody that personally got to the BG in time to get the present. So it works, maybe just not necessarily as intended. At least it did for SL Elyos.
  5. Yeah I'll admit this upcoming event seems like it is going to help in a lot of ways. I know that there are people on both sides of the fence on everything that NC does, but I mean they deserve credit when it's due. I would like to thank NC, @Kibbelz and everybody else for at least attempting to listen to some of the pains that the community is going through. From merging the server talks, to the free 40e event, to following up on the 30e accessory and the Thanksgiving event I see some more hope being poured into the community. I hope that there is a continued improvement in communication
  6. Yeah you're right, their communication sucks. If they don't intend to give us the piece what they probably should have done was came out and said something like, "due to the confusion and lack of communication on our part, we have decided to give the community a 40e piece chest and wings instead." or something along those lines. NC will obviously never learn that their lack of communication and actually listening to their player base is what is ultimately costing them a fortune. Still yet, like an hour after getting a 40e piece that's 159,500 AP and 27 silver medals, "where's the freebie
  7. https://aion.aspirine.su/stigma/#hByavaaaieBhauakaqbpa is what I ran for PvP. If you want to throw another DPS stig on there take out spirit sub. You can probably substitute cyclone for it. Everybody has different play styles and there's a few different ways to go about it, but I had success running that setup.
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