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  1. Could have at least given the deficient mergers a set of level 30 Elite Abyss Armor or accessories for the lack of dredgion and PvP content @Kibbelz. Late getting to 50 on a dead server where half my friends list didn't survive to merge due to inaccessible content conditions from low population. Thanks for saying "welcome to merge, now six months behind and just whale your way back up!" Thanks for letting me know not to have high hopes in NC or chapter 2 of Classic. /wave
  2. Thanks for the merge @Kibbelz. It looks like the end event is providing a bonus to Dark Poeta drops and consumables. The problem with the Israphel server was not the lack of Poeta drops and consumables. It was the actual lack of player base which created a lack of every piece of content for four months. There have been many dredgions missed due to lack of players to fill a group, no world PvP, very few sieges and forts held. We have been paying the same amount monthly and spending more time in the game all while gaining less. We spent twice as long forming groups due to lack of available playe
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