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  1. Colorweaver ?

  2. Please Cyan

    This is where Cyan has been lol https://www.reddit.com/user/CyanCC/
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 24, 2019

    Cyan looking at forum posts? lol he replies to 1 thing so people don't think he is inactive and gets the job done. Everyone moved to BnS. They stopped giving a sh!t about the playerbase years ago and it gets worse and worse. 1000-1500 players left and they just want to milk every last one. The promised instance boost pack never appeared again.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 10, 2019

    Can we get drop buff 100%?!?!?! @Cyan
  5. Bring back loot buff

    Bring back loot buff. Not worth farming stones without it and stones are too expensive in the broker. No reason not to have that buff running 24/7. Playerbase is already low and fragments take a long time to get. @Cyan
  6. aion 7.0 release in N/A

    The reason for EU's speed is that they care about their player base. NCWest is a dogsht company that can't get their sht together. Imagine being asked to bring back the instance boost pack since start of 6.2...THEY OKED IT...and nothing yet. And please don't even talk about bugs. I can't remember 1 patch that wasn't bugged. Expect 7.0 July 24th or around that time.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    Why are all the rewards so GARBAGE????? LEGENDARY GEAR? NO LEGENDARY TRANSFORM??? I bet mount is only reachable through p2w lol
  8. Plox Extend Buffs

  9. Plox Extend Buffs

    Very good buffs, Much wow. Good crafting. Lots of drops. Please extend.