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  1. I figured out a way to get my level up high enough to use the old stuff I kept in my warehouse that I got as an older player. Not great stuff, but ho-dang she has a weapon now! I can play again. Mission accomplished.
  2. So I am a casual returning player [yet again] and am lost on the fact that I cannot buy a weapon anywhere or seemingly make one. I had a staff for my primary character [a chanter] that had no level cap on it previously and used one of those level crystal things, got to level 42 and then quit playing again. Came back the other day [months later] and now the staff is capped at level 39, and my character cannot use it. I have no other weapon and need that staff [or another staff]. I do not have millions and billions of kinah to buy from the broker. How do I get a new staff, so I can play this cha
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