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  1. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    @Aly-DNi used the term beastly because in Pandemonium city lore it was Lord Asphel's specific concern that eternal exposure to Asmodae's climate would turn the Atrieans into beasts before driving them to extinction. I think you're lumping what I said in with what May was saying a bit too much; I wasn't calling Asmodians evil or claiming that evolution is good/evil. The tldr of the war is both sides have reason to blame the other with no true innocence. Again, only used the term beastly because it's what's written into the Panda lore. I guess I dont think of beastly as being synonymous with evil. Only commented to correct the outstandingly inaccurate storytelling of the Cataclysm .-.
  2. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    Last time 2/4 snakes went to Elyos. Oddly philanthropic but hey I won't say no to free loot ;o @Archangelos-KT That's not even close to the lore. There was no pre-division of the Empyrean Lords into the Seraphim/Shedim prior to the tower splitting. The plan only followed through because Lord Israphel backed it up, though he intended to flip the table an assassinate Fregion and the other lords and the events which followed are what shattered the tower and the planet The division and in-fighting began way after that, and didn't really resemble any of what you said EDIT: P.S The the Atreians who ended up in Asmodae certainly didn't by choice; all the old NPC dialogue and lore suggests that Asmodae is hell to live in and that's what caused such drastic evolution to beastly creatures. There's a reason they named the capital city "Pandaemonium."
  3. @Cyan Genesis Crystal Limits

    @Cyan could you please confirm for us if NA Aion is getting the 5x weekly limit added to the Genesis Crystal Ancient Enchantment Stone boxes in 7.2?
  4. Is Aion Dead?

    @KOONS-KT The game definitely has some quiet hours when a lot of the NA players are asleep, but generally speaking I would say that no, the game is not dead because there is still a community large enough to play the content offered by the game. Siege still draws enough players to crash a NASA computer, instances/dungeons still form groups easily enough, depending on which server you are on you can find shard-wars style pvp at the Guardian/Archon outposts in Lakrum, or venture to the cross-server map to find more pvp. Gear-wise, it is easier than before to catch up with other players' PVP gear tier, but enchanting is where things get grindy. PVE I am a little less knowledeable about but you get given a started set which I know is enough to participate in 80% of PVE dungeons, which will eventually give you the gear to clear the other 20%. The game now features "windstream" quests which are 2 quest lines which act as an interactive in-game tutorial for you. Once you finish them you get 1 piece of Ultimate PVE gear (your choice which) and 1 piece of Ultimate PVP gear (your choice which). Log in and give it a try; I think if you enjoyed Aion then, there is a good chance you will enjoy it now
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    @Lynzee-DN those have enchantment stones in em
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    When Evergale Cany-- oh wait, never mind
  7. Rate of Fusion Skills (new DP)

    I think you need to fuse 4x legendary books to get the new one
  8. Rate of Fusion Skills (new DP)

    I had assumed the odds were the same as any other skill, and being that there are many skills, you'd probably need to try a few times. I only know of 1 other person's attempt. I got mine on the 2nd try, she got hers on the 1st try. So I don't think the DP skill has lower rates, I think they just have a lot of other skills competing for that spot
  9. @Cyan Genesis Crystal Limits

    The cherry on top is that those 3 are highly conditional. You get 1 for paying $30 a month, and you get 2 for being Top 4 on an underpopulated class's leaderboard. Imagine playing a popular class like cleric, vandal, gladiator, and (having the good sense to) not be prestige; no top 10 placement for you, no IDD ultimate stone. That means no gear progression, which means definitely no enchantment stone reward. It should be assumed that the average player gets zero ultimate PVE enchantment stones per week, barring any special circumstances. As compared to a few weeks ago, when you could craft as many as you were willing to grind (a.k.a invest time in the game) for. Keep the thread alive, keep demanding change. This is unplayable.
  10. @Matsukamy-KT Crits are crits, and it is hard to tell from some Better videos what the gear dif is like. Also depends on if the SW was utilizing thronesong and mdef reduction dots. But what I can tell you for sure is, as according to TheSecretCow's notes, Treble Cleave had its passive 300% crit boost removed with this patch. 300% sounds crazy but, reading through the notes, most classes have similar passive buffs for skills like that
  11. @MiphaBae-DN Actually, Treble Cleave's personal crit modifier was removed entirely in 7.2 (or 7.3, whatever you call the patch we have now). So, yeah, it has already happened to SW and it will happen to Vandals too next patch; with the additional nerfs of pvp-damage modifiers being reduced or removed entirely
  12. Vandals still have bonus PVP and high crit % modifiers attached to their skills. These will get removed in 7.5, which is why people refer to that patch as the "real" vandal nerf.
  13. @Cyan Genesis Crystal Limits

    @Cyan @Gideon Bumping. Can you confirm or deny if there are talks internally about removing the weekly limit? I don't need a date if you don't have one, but please just let us know if it is being discussed. As best as anyone I have asked can tell, there is no replacement for this resource pool once removed (as opposed to regions like KR where $5 can buy you 100x purple enchantment stones), and this thread is full of people doing the math on the ridiculousness of it all. It is extremely universally unfriendly to all players and is actively deterring players I have known to be long-time paying customers from continuing their journey. Enchantment stones from PVP instances give x3 per ancient bundle, which means on average you'll leave a pvp instance with 6x enchantment stones -- the LOWEST amount you can get from one of those genesis crystal boxes. Once you spend whatever reserves you had from the previous patch, you're done. There is no enchantment stone grind, there is no enchantment stone outlet. You. Are. Done. Please, people of the community, do not stop talking about this until we get answers.
  14. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    @Gideon BIG YES for all of that, but I have to ask: EC COMPENSATION WHEN? We have been told that those of us who did not abuse and spent luna to rerun would be compensated or, at very least, awarded our lost rewards. Can you give us some kind of indication that this is coming?
  15. The new patch brings new features which we will need a safeguard event to explore. Can we expect another enchant safe-spot any time soon? I know the whales are itching to +15 stigmas and with the changing meta which occurs with every skill-changing patch, I am sure there are many people who have new stigmas they need to enchant. Please please pretty please give us another enchantment event with the +9 safe-spot asap <3
  16. With the new Advanced Stigmas will we get a safeguard enchant event?

    I don't think we're gonna get an increased success rate, ever. I would be pleasantly surprised, but I am not expecting. So for now I just think a safe-spot event for stigma enchanting would be beneficial to the community and to the company -- as we all know that any whales who were holding out will most definitely go hard on the BCM stigma stones for +15. Tl;DR it just makes sense. New features are out, let us play them
  17. Siege TIME / Days

    I agree with the general sentiment that the GP system rewards PVE rogues over a collective fighting effort, but I don't think this is exactly new; it's as old as wasting an xform to kill Lakrum GP mobs and trying to get the most DPS on the deity for bonus GP credit instead of wiping the incoming enemies that being said, still better than the GP system we had at 6.2's launch
  18. Siege TIME / Days

    The deadness of DN is severely overstated, and is nowhere near EK levels. Regarding the siege, I personally had a lot of fun and I know the people I was with did too; it was a new take on old experiences and a messy fun start to what I am sure will become a refined routine system. I also love that the Lakrum and Divine duxes don't melt in 1min anymore -- adds some more dynamic in my opinion. I personally haven't heard anyone having a bad time at siege excluding the people who were grumpy about it BEFORE it even happened, but you know how that is

    @Cyan @Gideon @Hime The 7.2 Update has REMOVED 100% of our cubic progress. Rollback inc?
  20. SW in 7.2

    Yeah as I understand it basically normal SW can expect a damage buff and if you get gold stigmas you're god tier
  21. SW in 7.2

    @MintyR-DN SW in the 7.2 Part-2 Patch that we are getting is highly buffed. From damage increases on things like Treble Cleave and Minstrel's Flair, to the fact that Blazing Requiem (frog skill) changes from a 3-stage 4-second cast to a single-cast 1.5sec blast. That means you can cast the frog at the same spead as the Fiery Requiem unicorns, and deal a base of 8.8k damage. Watching some (obviously geared) Korean 7.2 bard gameplay will show you that with your buffs up and debuffs buried on an enemy, you can 100-0 them with aoe aether hold > frog > treble cleave > DP Sadly since Kaisinel is not really a thing in NA, it's a bit harder for us to do that but nevertheless, the SW damage output increases quite a bit
  22. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    @Ele-DN Baseless rebuttal is baseless; I have only led 1 alliance all year and it was a PVP alliance that spent all but the last 3% of siege PVPing outside of the Demaha fort, before porting in, helping clear the dux room with the artifact pop, and then beating the last 1% of the dux while dux room was empty. Not sure why you're so adversarial, if getting credit under the cirumstances you provided is a genuine problem as I had assumed, I have given you a genuine solution
  23. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    Okay this is getting petty. I think we all know deep down that there is nothing wrong with the contribution zones. Dying doesn't remove your contribution, so even if your faction is getting dumpster'd and you show up late, you can kamikaze into the crowd and one shot newbies with normal transforms and no gear. The only siege where you get no credit for showing up late is divine, but that's because it's a 5-minute siege
  24. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 22, 2020

    *My bad, it is only Wednesday in my country <_< I will remain nervously optimistic
  25. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 22, 2020

    No EC or 7.2 news?