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  1. it's actually MacDonalds. You're the one who can't spell
  2. You guys un-nerf stats including duration on transformations BUT you nerf running speed coz can't NOT nerf something! You guys are not only assholes you're stupid as Hell. Go work at MacDonalds.
  3. Congratulations you sadistic jerks. You've successfully removed every single reason for me to continue playing your game (read: and giving you my money). Go to Hell - I quit.
  4. I just reread the post and get it now. That's fine.
  5. What is it with you guys and enchantment stones? NO ENCHANTMENT STONES for Evergale compensation. I don't need any nyerking Etium, thanks.
  6. This is some serious bullshit
  7. We haven't received gold ingots as GP reward in a long time. We've been getting enchantment stones and kinah. Why does nobody at NCWest even know what goes on in their own game?
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